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The Magazine promoting Scandinavian lifestyle, travel and business.

Scan Magazine is a unique English-language showcase for the Scandinavian countries. It appeals to all those who have a relationship with or a connection to these countries – be it through family, business, tourism, migration or investment.

Besides our growing fan-base of ex-pats and valued business associates, this magazine is also for all the non-Scandinavians around the world who simply love Scandinavia: its vibrant culture and lifestyle (and in particular its design) which flourishes abundantly all over the globe – and the marvelous tourism of its homelands. Our 4 main focus areas are: Scandinavian DesignScandinavian TravelScandinavian Education and Scandinavian Business.

We also publish our unique online directory which gives you access to our network of more than 4000 premium business profiles from all across the Scandinavian countries. The directory gives a comprehensive overview of the relevant business in areas such as Scandinavian architecture and design.

Scan Magazine is part of the Scan Group portfolio with headquarters in London. At the heart of our first-rate client publishing offering is an in-house team of skilled writers and designers, creating world-class content that forms the backbone of our client strategies.

We have over 11 years’ experience of publishing and content creation and have delivered quality content to more than 10.000 businesses, including iconic brands whose content reaches customers globally.


If you have missed the printed version of Scan Magazine, you can read the magazine online by visiting our Magazine section.


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