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Scan Magazine’s brilliant Sanna Halmekoski has once again hit the streets of London to find out what the Scandinavian fashion fanatics are wearing. Cool, sleek, and full of statements, this is a little piece of Scandiland in the United Kingdom.


Tomi Laukkanen
Finnish furniture and product designer @tomilaukkanen

“My style is relaxed, and I often wear jeans and a dress shirt. If I buy something new, I look for more ecological clothes; otherwise I shop at charity shops. For example, my trousers are by a Dutch brand that makes jeans out of used jeans, and they also lease them. My shoes are by Converse, my shirt is from a charity shop, the T-shirt is by Pure Waste, the blazer is by FRENN, and the jeans are by Mud Jeans.”

Left to right: Tomi Laukkanen, Nanna Bergmann, Linnea Guttelvik

Nanna Bergmann
Danish industry manager at Google.

“My style is quite classic but also relaxed. However, I want to have some statement items, and today they are my shoes. I also like to wear jewellery. Most of my jewellery is either from my family or from my friend’s jewellery platform, FINEMATTER. There is no dress code at my office, so I can wear trainers to work. My jeans are from Weekday, my shoes are by Toga Pulla, the jacket is by Muus Malou Sander, and the shirt is by Calvin Klein.”

Left to right: Tomi Laukkanen, Nanna Bergmann, Linnea Guttelvik

Linnea Guttelvik
Swedish PR assistant for fashion designer Teija Eilola

“My friends say my style is very ‘90s, and indeed, I am very inspired by the fashion of that era. I like balancing feminine and masculine. I might wear a feminine dress and a masculine blazer. Since last January, I have only purchased clothes from second-hand shops. My blazer and bag are from The British Red Cross, the shirt is from Oxfam, the jewellery is vintage or from my grandmother, and the shoes are from Mary’s Living & Giving.”

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