Did you go to IKEA for your Christmas tree? Of course you did. In times of great uncertainty (climate change, Brexit and a never-ending pandemic) you return to what you know. Clever storage solutions and a bland hotdog in a bland bun that always breaks right down the middle. Surprisingly bad design, especially considering where it is sold.

Now, if you went to IKEA you probably decided to enjoy a cheap lunch in what resembles your old school cafeteria. Perhaps you chose a salmon plate or a daim cake. Or perhaps you went all in and opted for the meatballs. You probably did. But did your heart almost jump out of your mouth when you were asked if you wanted chips with that? This is a confusing take on the classic meatball dish. Almost… forbidden. Especially since it turns out to be a delightful combination. But we must remember to eat it in shame. After all, we have a reputation as healthy Scandis to protect.

It reminds me of a time in my youth when I was on tour in Ireland. We stayed in a small hotel in a small town and the next morning we got up early for breakfast. I slouched in my chair, hungover, possibly still drunk, and said I just wanted whatever the others were having. The fried breakfast, the shameful breakfast, the clogged-arteries breakfast, the one my mother warned me about. To my horror, the waitress turned to me and asked: ‘And do you want chips with that?’. Chips for breakfast?! I stared at her for a moment, bewildered. Then I broke and said: ‘Yes… yes I will have those chips’.

Shame is not great design. Bring on the chips. Happy Chipsmas.

Gabi Froden

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