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The magazine promoting Scandinavian lifestyle, travel and business.

Scan Magazine is a unique English-language showcase for Brand Scandinavia. It appeals to all those who have a relationship with or a connection to these countries – be it through family, business, tourism, migration or investment.

Our four main focus areas are: Scandinavian design, Scandinavian travel, Scandinavian education and Scandinavian business.

Scan Magazine is part of the Scan Client Publishing portfolio, with headquarters in London. We have over 11 years’ experience of publishing and content creation, and have delivered quality content to more than 10,000 businesses, including iconic brands whose content reaches a wide range of customers globally.


We are really happy with how Scan Magazine understood and presented our appreciated and cherished cheese in a way that aligns with what Västerbottensost® stands for. A pleasant and professional service that made for a great collaboration, which we would warmly recommend.Maria Forsner, Brand Manager Västerbottensost® Sverige
Digital distribution

Go digital with 23 separate airlines and 975 top-rated hotels.
In collaboration with Asendia Press and Media Carrier GmbH, we offer global and domestic digital distribution. Scan Magazine is currently available via 23 airlines and 975 four- and five-star hotels.
Media Box is a digital resource that enables us to offer an exclusive audience Scan Magazine as a download. With Media Box, we provide our title to frequent flyers in airline lounges and guests of exclusive four- and five-star hotels. Thanks to the electronic distribution, the titles are always up to date, in some cases even before the print edition is available.
Airlines include Finnair, Lufthansa and Swiss.

Full list of airlines an hotels here [PDF]

Our experience of working with Scan Magazine has been a very positive one. The team has been professional and easy to work with, and we were very pleased with their coverage of the UK arm of our global business and its Danish heritage.
Caroline Wolton, Communications Manager, Maersk Line UK & Ireland
Reap the benefits and enjoy the SEO value of being
published on our website
We understand web publishing – and we know how to tell your story in a way that online readers will enjoy. All our advertorial features are listed on our website with each their own editorial company page. This way, you achieve coverage not only in print, but also as part of our extensive, SEO-proof database of sought-after businesses. With thousands of monthly visitors, our website is the ideal place for you to present your brand among the best of attractive destinations, innovative businesses and quality brands.
Your content hosted on our website will not only enhance your own Google ranking, but also add an enlightening context to potential customers who are researching your brand.
We did not know we needed Scan Magazine until we got it. Today, we would not do without it! It gives us what we have always known to be ultra-important: an Anglo-Nordic window to communicate with a Nordic and global audience interested in all Anglo-Nordic affairs, supported by our respective business communities.
Per Troen, Chairman, Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce
Our readers
Our readers are active people of all ages, many of them travelling for business or to visit family, and others on holidays or a quick city break.
The basics:
under 20

between 21 and 30

between 31 and 40

between 41 and 50


between 51 and 60

over 60




16% of our readers have an annual income exceeding £75,000 pa.
48% of our readers
are women

52% of our readers
are men
Why on the move?
Business trip


Visiting relatives and friends


On holidays


Taking a city break


On their way to an event


Travelling for other reasons


Scan Magazine’s understanding of our product was excellent from the first moment we had contact. The editorial we did for Bergen and the fjord region was great.
Marianne Johnsen, Marketing Manager, Bergen Tourist Board (Norway)
Technical specifications for adverts
If you are advertising in our printed magazine, please download the technical specifications here for full information about assets and file sizes required.

Full specifications [PDF]

Publishing schedule
For information about the publishing schedule of Scan Magazine, please download the Publishing Schedule here.

Full specifications [PDF]

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