Aclima – engineering warm excellence from the inside out


For generations, Aclima has provided Norwegians with the warmest of layers for work, service and adventures. Boasting unmistakable expertise in engineering wool garments for everyone’s needs – be it police officers, military members, skiers or kindergarteners – this brand has earned its place as one of Norway’s most respected textile manufacturers.

“We make clothes for active outdoorsy people, with an emphasis on supreme-quality wool and natural fibres that stand the test of weather, wear and time,” says Lars Eivind Johansen, head of sales and grandson of Aclima’s founder, Eivind Johansen.

It was in 1939 that the young and inventive Eivind Johansen found that he could manufacture wool soles from felt that had been discarded from factories along the river in Drammen, Norway. Upon purchasing his first knitting machine after the Second World War, his business expanded to include wool jumpers and ski suits, among other products. In the ‘70s, his son would take over the family business and present wool garments to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Today, Aclima uses its long history and unmatchable expertise to its advantage, having full control and oversight over the entire production process.

“I think our long history as producer and manufacturer is pivotal to what the brand represents today,” says Johansen. “We know how yarn is spun, how different wool fibres turn out in different knits and garments, and how to optimally engineer a garment to accommodate both heat maximisation and breathability. We’re also very proud of our sustainable profile and traceable production line,” says Johansen.

Aclima products are created with high-quality merino wool from Marlborough, New Zealand, and production happens at the brand’s own production facility in Estonia. Aclima takes due care to visit farms where its wool is sourced, to ensure animal welfare and quality of the wool. For instance, Aclima only uses wool from farms that do not practice mulesing, and where wool is cut from the sheep only once a year. This ensures long, stable fibres and, in turn, strong yarn. Furthermore, the factory in Estonia is visited on a regular basis, ensuring a high level of quality control and good relationships with employees.

“It’s very important to us that we’re in continuous contact with suppliers and employees at our factory. Not only does this ensure the great quality of our products, but also of our relationships – and that is equally essential,” says Johansen.

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