With one foot in tradition and the other in a more contemporary boot, Sandberg Wallpaper is a globally known brand loved for its original artwork which has the power to transform any home – and create a more beautiful everyday.

“It’s all about the handicraft,” says Sandra Willund, creative director. “Everyone in the team is passionate about the designs and takes great care when producing them. In fact, all our designs are hand-painted to emphasise the great level of detail in the artwork. The patterns also pay homage to our historical and cultural heritage and we often find ourselves standing in our old archive with designs from the past, finding inspiration in the present to create new and timeless expressions that will last for generations.”

Add beauty to your home with Sandberg Wallpaper

These designs are created with sustainability in mind and always finished with the highest quality. Additionally, the designs have carefully considered names as they all have interesting stories to convey about people and places that inspired the team when creating them. The inspiration for both colour and design often comes from the Swedish landscape and the surrounding nature.

“Our passion for our work is something that was noticed when we were appointed Royal Court Supplier, a title that stands for Swedish quality and Scandinavian design of the highest class,” says Willund.

Add beauty to your home with Sandberg Wallpaper

Those who are curious to know more can find further inspiration on the brand’s website, where they can browse collections based on whatever room is in need of a spruce-up. And whether choosing wallpaper for your walls or the ceiling (it is the fifth wall, after all), any choice of Sandberg Wallpaper ensures a timeless and cohesive look that will make homes feel more, well, homely.

“We can help customers find their unique style and find that perfect flow throughout their home. Put simply, some do wallpaper, we do Swedish wallpaper art,” concludes Willund.

Add beauty to your home with Sandberg Wallpaper

Web: www.sandbergwallpaper.com
Facebook: Sandberg Wallpaper
Instagram: @sandbergwallpaper

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