Agitator Whisky has an ambitious vision; with new technology, sound knowledge and a desire to experiment, this Swedish distillery wants to take whisky-making into the future.

Agitator Whisky is unconventional, experimental and pioneering in the world of whisky. Since its launch in 2021, its innovative products, ranging from smoky and powerful to fruity and light, have been praised by connoisseurs and won prestigious international awards.

“Whisky production is a conservative industry,” says Oskar Bruno, distillery manager. “But what if you could make whisky taste even better, by finding new ways and having a bold approach? We are convinced that the best whisky has not been made yet.”

Agitator Whisky: Ground-breaking whisky, loved by connoisseurs

Oskar Bruno, distillery manager.

True to its rebellious name, Agitator focuses on flavour rather than tradition. The whisky undergoes a longer fermentation than usual and is distilled under vacuum, a technique used by few other distilleries, and finally aged in casks made from different types of wood. The production cycle is energy-smart and preserves flavours better. All in all, what you get is a cleaner and smoother end product.

“In Scotland, it’s not permitted to mature whisky in anything but oak casks,” explains Oskar. “But we have the option of experimenting with other kinds of wood to get more interesting flavours. We like chestnut in particular, which provides a deeper colour, more tannins and more astringency, but these casks also give complex notes of dried fruit and leather, as well as a natural honey and vanilla sweetness.”

Agitator Whisky: Ground-breaking whisky, loved by connoisseurs

Three new premium launches

Agitator continues to stand out, with three new premium launches at the beginning of the year. With Argument: Sweet Toast, the distillery has used sauternes wine casks, with a fruity and approachable profile, and mixed with sweet toast casks, which give more sweetness and nutty flavours. “This is a flirty product,” smiles Oskar. “It amplifies the sweetness in whisky, with heaps of cask character and a light smoky profile.”

Agitator Whisky: Ground-breaking whisky, loved by connoisseurs

Chestnut Cask has previously been released for Christmas-time, but has made it into the regular line-up under this new name. ”We want to highlight the character derived from chestnut casks, which are similar to sherry casks with notes of raisins and dates, but with more colour and berries like cherries and blackberries. It’s an explosion of flavours!”

And the best seller Single Malt will be re-branded, with a more exclusive look and feel, however the content is still the same. Later this spring, Agitator will launch its products on and, and likely more markets moving forward as well as its own website. So, keep an eye out for these unconventional Swedes.

Agitator Whisky: Ground-breaking whisky, loved by connoisseurs

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