I love children. I love making chubby babies giggle by making funny faces; I adore listening to a 3-year-old who just discovered how to lie, and I’m amazed whenever I hear pre-teens’ pure yet complex ideas of life. As a 34-year-old woman, married to a man, many say we should get started now if we know we want children because “you never know”. There’s much we don’t know, but as many doubts as I might have, the hardest one to deal with is the state of the planet. In the summer of 2023, we broke a worrying world record: the hottest average temperature globally.

I know my potential children will have the privilege of being born in a rich Scandinavian country with all that comes with it, and that they will have safe lives, but for how long? And is it even fair to make a decision to bring life onto a planet, that has already exceeded its capacity? It is hard not to feel weighed down by such questions, but there are things we can do to turn the sadness into action.

According to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation one of the things that can help deal with eco-anxiety is to share the worries with someone else. When we discuss our fears and anxieties, the burden gets a little easier, and by doing so, we also help increase climate awareness. Climate action, preferably together with others, is also recommended, and last but not least, despite the alarming news – that are real and should be taken seriously – good things also happen. Personally, I’m still not sure what my future will hold, but feeling less alone in times of despair is soothing. And on a bigger perspective – we need to come together to make a change.

Alejandra Cerda Ojensa is a Swedish sustainability blogger based in Copenhagen. She loves sustainable fashion, plant-based food, natural wines and music, and writes a column for Scan Magazine about sustainable lifestyle.

Instagram: @alejandracerda.co

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