Do you feel you have the ability to influence others? Most of us are not powerful politicians, digital influencers, or have any kind of fan-base, and I would guess most of us believe that few others care about the choices we make in our everyday lives; but it seems this is untrue.

I was reading the list of ‘10 things to do for the climate’ by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and, surprisingly, they listed ‘talk to friends about the climate’ in first place. In second place, they encourage us to ‘inspire others’.

Being Scandinavian, I, just like the majority, have a very low tolerance for bragging. We don’t like telling people what they should do or how they should live their lives. But I’m going to challenge myself, and now you are a part of this too. I want to know: are you willing to tell your friends about the choices you make for the climate?

I will go first: I don’t eat meat, fish, egg or dairy because I know these industries harm our planet immensely. I don’t buy fast fashion because of its negative footprint on the environment and its exploitation of people living in poverty. I don’t fly for pleasure and I buy most things second-hand.

And you know what? I believe more people should make the same decisions. Phew. There, I said it. Now, you go. What decisions have you made in order to reduce your footprint, and who are you willing to tell about it?

Alejandra Cerda Ojensa is a Swedish sustainability blogger based in Copenhagen. She loves sustainable fashion, plant-based food, natural wines and music, and writes a column for Scan Magazine about sustainable lifestyle.


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