Allmuen Bistro in Bergen, Norway, is a restaurant whose vision is embodied by its name. “Allmuen is an old Scandinavian word meaning ‘common people’ – and this is a place for all,” says head of marketing Jana Bergmann.

Allmuen Bistro’s menu rotates daily, representing an assortment of local and seasonal produce. According to the availability of quality ingredients, dishes include meat, vegetarian, and seafood options.

Allmuen Bistro: Dining in Bergen: flavourful feasts for all

Photo: Bjørk Ellingsbø

“We have a zero-waste mission, meaning we strive to produce as little waste as possible, with a focus on sustainable food and animal welfare,” says Bergmann. The kitchen team finds ways to utilise all parts of the animals and uses ingredients that are on-hand when creating new dishes, before sourcing new produce.

This approach prompts culinary creativity. “We create a culinary experience with dishes based on local produce, but with global flavours,” says Bergmann

Bergen’s proximity to the sea enables Allmuen to serve fresh, wild fish and seafood from the local area, every day. The Åpen Mat concept is their most popular at the restaurant: “It is the Allmuen take on a tasting menu, where guests order a three or five-course menu to experience different flavours and foods together. It is a social concept that encourages sharing conversations over a delectable feast,” says Bergmann.

The concept captures the essence of Allmuen: a welcoming, laid-back and social atmosphere for all.

Allmuen Bistro: Dining in Bergen: flavourful feasts for all

Photo: Lynn Millspaugh

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