Creative, vegetarian-focused dishes made with locally sourced ingredients are the forte of the small Stockholm restaurant Nektar, run by the couple Eric Seger and Embla Brorsson.

The pair met while working at the former Michelin restaurant VOLT in Stockholm and went on to work in Denmark and France before returning to open Nektar on the vibrant street Rörstrandsgatan in Stockholm.

“The menu at Nektar is small and changes with the seasonal availability of ingredients. We pair the dishes with natural wines where the producer shares our values. We only work with farmers and producers that care for the planet and put lots of love and pride into their work. Sustainability is essential to us,” Seger explains.

An intimate atmosphere and creative vegetarian dishes at restaurant Nektar

The atmosphere at Nektar is intimate, further enhanced by the open kitchen; you can see your dish being prepared by the talented chefs while you sip on a glass of intense red French or funky floral orange wine. “We’ve been in the restaurant business for so long that we know what we like: great flavours derived from local ingredients and lots of creativity. We constantly change both the wine list and the menu; we find so much joy in trying out new things,” he continues.

The restaurant serves mostly vegetarian dishes and is inspired by southern European cuisine. “We have collected inspiration from different parts of Europe and from having worked with great colleagues, and to one day open our restaurant where we can focus on great sustainable food in a relaxed setting, has been a dream come true.”

Rörstrandsgatan is well-known as a vibrant, pretty street, and Restaurant Nektar is in good company close to many small shops and bars. Rörstrandsgatan is made pedestrian-only during the summer, and, unusually, faces both the sunrise and sunset.

An intimate atmosphere and creative vegetarian dishes at restaurant Nektar

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Nektar Food & Wine
Rörstrandsgatan 12

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