This kitchen assistant is pushing 90 years old, and is still looking good for its age. Since 1937, the basic design of Ankarsrum’s Stand Mixer has been more or less untouched. Today, it’s a foundational appliance in cooking and baking.

Quality endures. The CEO of Ankarsrum Marcus Grimerö, explains why the stand mixer has stood the test of time: “it runs in the same way today as it did in the beginning in the way it kneads the dough, and how clever it is. The bowl rotates, and pulls the gluten strings instead of beating the dough. The pulling of the dough gives a better result, no matter what you are making.”

Ankarsrum continue to inspire with classic Stand Mixer

Their concept is quite unique, with the basic principle remaining unchanged since the 1930s. Although the look of the machine has had minor tweaks over the years, the growing assortment of accessories is universally interchangeable. “If you have accessories or a machine from the 1940s, you can still buy new accessories that fit today,” he explains. “You might have a lot of accessories from a machine that perhaps gave up after 40 or 50 years of use – buy a new machine today, and you can still use the old accessories.”

Ankarsrum continue to inspire with classic Stand Mixer

Not bad at all. And from a sustainability point of view, it makes even more sense. “I’m not sure this was the main idea in the 1930s,” Grimerö continues, “but it’s clever, and maintaining this concept is key to our development today.”

Apart from a wide range of new accessories, from ice-cream makers, pasta cutters and blenders, they continuously revise their colour range. The latest addition is Coral Crush, released earlier this year. “We work with colours because we want our customers to have their machines on display,” he says. “Either to blend in or stick out, depending on what you are looking for. When it’s on display at home, we believe it will be used a lot more.”

You can sense Ankarsrum’s passion for cooking and baking, and their drive to inspire. “We don’t limit ourselves to the kitchen assistant,” he adds. “As well as the product itself, we also focus on education, learning and recipes, to help you develop in the kitchen.”

Ankarsrum continue to inspire with classic Stand Mixer

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