In the Norwegian town of Grimstad, Apotekergaarden is taking over the South of Norway with an excellent culinary experience, a nationally acclaimed brewery, and plenty of entertainment to keep the buzz of summer alive until next spring.

Tucked between wooden houses in the South Norwegian town of Grimstad stands a tall, white building adorned with green corners and sills. Run by a team of food and drink fanatics, including self-proclaimed culinary missionary, manager and caretaker Kjetil Røyset Jørgensen, Apotekergaarden can only be described as an institution of fun and flavours. “We just want our guests to enter the house, see the retro, charming interior, and instantly be met by a sense of calm,” says Jørgensen. “Just feel your shoulders soften, your muscles relax, and enjoy your time here.”

Apotekergaarden: fun, fruity and flavourful

Apotekergaarden was established 23 years ago and is made up of several bars, salons, terraces, and a wonderful brewery on the second floor, where brewmaster Mathias Skjong has concocted all sorts of fun brews. Thanks to Skjong, Apotekergaarden has been ranked Norway’s best brewpub on Untappd. In addition, the house is home to a tiny kitchen run by Dawid Sekowski. Don’t be fooled by its size because the kitchen, along with the indoor charcoal grill, serves up to 700 people.

Alongside various culinary experiences, the staff at Apotekergaarden can promise a good time, service, and great fun. Warmer summer days bring the promise of live entertainment, and wine tastings overseen by Apotekergaarden’s very own sommelier.

Apotekergaarden: fun, fruity and flavourful

An explosion of local and imported flavours

From homemade Sicilian pizzas to local cider-steamed mussels, there are plenty of dishes to try out this summer. The establishment sources its raw foods from local, southern fishermen and farms, ensuring strong, fresh flavours at all times.

“From Østre Fiære farm, 5 km away, we get lamb and beef. Fish and shellfish are bought from the nearby town, and mussels come from Arnevik. Fresh shrimp with garlic and chili is always a hit,” says Jørgensen. “We work with many local treasures, including Norske Brenneri and Homborsund Bryggeri.” And if that’s not enough, Apotekergaarden’s very own brewery and imported wine collection elevates both the experience and tastebuds. “For those looking for a non-alcoholic beverage, we also produce the world’s best soda with Grimstad Brusfabrikk, namely the Grimstad soda. It’s not overly sweet, rather it’s a fresh beverage with natural fruit juice,” adds Jørgensen.

Apotekergaarden: fun, fruity and flavourful

To top off the whole experience, come around when the grill is hot and the air is thick – the barbecue smell, the sharp sounds of sizzling, and the rich flavours from the Josper charcoal grill will have your stomach rumbling in no time. While you wait for your glass of wine or Singaporean black pepper crab, enjoy a live show underneath the gigantic yellow parasol in the courtyard, which houses up to 300 people.

Apotekergaarden: fun, fruity and flavourful

“The biggest performance the Grimstad scene has ever seen.”

Apotekergaarden is home to both good food and good times. Live entertainment has been a summer tradition at Apotekergaarden for the past 20 years, and this year’s show is a musical comedy by none other than Norwegian actor, musician and comedian, Jon Niklas Rønning. “I’m really excited. My show at Apotekergaarden in Grimstad is called Tilbake til Nåtiden, or Back to the Present in English, and will be filled with parodies and other comedic songs and numbers,” says Rønning.

Rønning anticipates that it will be the biggest performance the Grimstad scene has ever seen, and he cannot wait to take the stage with the talented musical crew of Pernille Øiestad, Ole M Aagenæs, Andreas Haga and Lise Voldsdal. “Grimstad is the world’s best summer audience, and I look forward to giving them our everything,” Rønning says, adding that Grimstad is a city so beautiful that no Instagram filter is needed, nor would do it justice.

If you somehow can’t make it up to Apotekergaarden, however, no worries. Jørgensen explains that they’ll be adding an extension down by the docks this summer. “We’ll be making our own little southern Europe by the water this summer,” he says. “ Street food, concerts, lots of fun!” Whether you want a homemade burger, some locally made fizzy drinks, or just a lot of fun, Apotekergaarden has something for you.

Apotekergaarden: fun, fruity and flavourful

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