Black caviar, commonly referred to as black gold, is the luxurious food item that many gourmands crave on their dining table. Arctic Roe of Scandinavia (AROS) is a pioneering force on the market with its roe production taking place in Sweden, under strict regulation and with a rigid focus on bringing outstanding quality with unparalleled sustainability to one of the most exclusive products in the world.

In the small town of Strömsnäsbruk, located in southern Sweden, lies an old paper mill. The vast premises have been overtaken by pools inhabiting 1,200 Siberian sturgeon, fish weighing on average ten kilogrammes each.

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia (AROS) was founded by Torbjörn Ranta. “The idea of starting my own black caviar production was born during business trips to Russia. Roe production involves a lot of hard work and many challenges, but at the end of the day, it’s a rewarding business in every sense,” he says.

The clear distinction between Arctic Roe of Scandinavia and other brands on the market is drawn at the mode of production: sustainability and the well-being of the fish are key. Rather than killing the animal and cutting out the roe, an otherwise common method for black caviar production, AROS cares for each fish year-round and carefully milks the roe when time is due, after which the fish is released back into the tank.

Everything from housing the fish to milking the roe and preparing the finished product happens on the company’s own premises, which makes AROS uniquely positioned as the single manufacturer of black caviar in Sweden. “Sweden is one of the most regulated countries in the world, a fact that compels us to excel where other producers may not extend the same concern. It’s not the simplest of ways, but its impact on the final product, quality and taste, as well as the long-term environmental benefits, make it truly worth it,” says Ranta.

In honour of its origin, every fish is named with a Russian female name, printed onto its respective caviar jar. “Black caviar is an exclusive product, and we believe that such a delicacy should be produced accordingly. We sample every batch to establish the highest quality, and our team works full-time with maintaining ideal living conditions for the fish all year round. It requires a huge effort, but we wouldn’t have it any other way; we believe that this is how you produce the best black caviar – from fish to table,” Ranta concludes.

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia (AROS): Luxury goods derived locally and sustainably

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