For more than 100 years, Aroma has produced some of Sweden’s favourite candy. Millions of people have devoured its jelly raspberries, fruit boats and not to mention the irresistible red hearts – the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Sweden has some fantastic candy producers, and one of the success stories is Aroma Godisfabriken. Founded in 1921 by Gottfrid Eklund and Max Forslund in central Stockholm, the company is still privately owned and has its production in the capital – making it one of few confectionary companies still manufacturing candy in Sweden.

The company’s tasty candy assortment includes a range of treats loved by generations, including mouth-watering jelly raspberries, liquorice boats and fruit boats, foam bananas, chocolate peanut squares, and chocolate-covered toffee. New this year is a limited edition of the jelly berries, which have until recently only existed in raspberry flavour. Meanwhile, the green jelly frogs, which became an instant success when launched in 1935, are still one of the best-sellers.

Aroma: The Swedish candy success

The company’s signature product is the box of red jelly hearts. Since its launch in 1959, it has brought joy to millions of people. Naturally, this is also the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. “We produce around one million jelly hearts every year,” says Eivind Granas, CEO of Aroma. “Production starts in September, to make sure all shops are stocked up. This year, for the first time we’re also exporting our red jelly hearts.”

Whilst Swedes consume the most candy in the world – with around 15 kilos consumed per person every year – Aroma’s candy is available as far away as New Zealand, China, and the US. “Swedish candy has gained a great reputation for the natural flavours and high quality, and can be found across the world nowadays,” says Granas. “It’s a success story much like Swedish music, fashion and design.”

Aroma: The Swedish candy success

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