Ástrík Poppkorn makes popcorn unlike anything you have tasted before. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients from Iceland, the popcorn will delight your taste buds. Whether paired with your afternoon coffee, a glass of bubbly, a cheese platter, or enjoyed during a traditional Friday movie night with the family, the popcorn is sure to please.

Gone are the days when popcorn was solely reserved for movie nights. With Ástrík Poppkorn you can enjoy caramel popcorn with your coffee, a glass of champagne, wine and cheese, or how about a popcorn bar at your next party? Based in Iceland, Ástrík Poppkorn is a small company with a big heart. “Ást” means love in Icelandic, and “rík” means rich, which perfectly describes what you will experience – rich popcorn made with love.

Ástrík Poppkorn: The art of making gourmet caramel popcorn

“The majority of ingredients are cultivated with care right here in Iceland, ensuring the highest quality,” smiles Asthildur, founder of Ástrík Poppkorn. “We use sea salt and butter from Iceland and make the caramel from scratch, the old-fashioned way. And our popcorn is completely free of preservatives, genetically modified components and other harmful substances.”

Flavours for every palate

Ástrík Poppkorn only makes the delicious popcorn by order, using simple and high-quality ingredients. As no additives or preservatives are involved, this ensures that nothing goes to waste and you will receive freshly made popcorn, every time. “I firmly believe in the power of small batches,” says Asthildur. “It’s about crafting each batch meticulously, infusing it with care and attention, something that’s just not feasible with large-scale factory production.”

While salty caramel popcorn is the signature flavour, you can also treat yourself to decadent vegan coconut, Turkish pepper, liquorice, or how about caramel and rosemary? There’s a flavour for every palate. Ástrík Poppkorn also caters to events, such as weddings, parties and confirmations, and the tasty popcorn is a delightful treat in gift bags for friends and family, or business partners.

Ástrík Poppkorn: The art of making gourmet caramel popcorn

Instagram: @astrikgourmetpoppkorn

Instagram: @astrikgourmetpoppkorn
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