In the heart of Kristiansand on the south coast of Norway stands an impressive century-old neoclassical building. Surprisingly, however, it is the basement of this building that has the most to offer. A Christmas party at Bankkjelleren, the old bank vault, is one of the most extraordinary ways to ring in the Christmas season. Built in 1892 by the private bank Søndenfjelske, Bankkjelleren was designed by the architect Richard Mauritz Tønnesen, who won the competitive bid. With four monumental Greek-like columns placed diagonally on the corner of the two
streets, Dronningens Gate and Markens Gate, the building has a distinctive character with its mix of neoclassical design and early signs of jugendstil, the popular decorative art form from the late 1800s, on the small pillars on the roof.