Decorating your home can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to walls. Traditional wallpapering often involves meticulous measuring, messy pastes, and endless patience. Enter Baubauwall, Estonia’s first digital wallpaper e-boutique.

As the world grows more digital and many of us spend more time working from home, having a space you enjoy has never been more important. While wallpapers can truly transform a place, the messy process that comes with it takes away its appeal. With Baubauwall, you don’t have to think about that anymore. “Our idea is simple – to make the rather traditional wallpapering business modern and hassle-free,” says Anna-Kai Törs, creative business manager at Baubauwall.

Baubauwall: Wallpapering made inspiring and innovative

After choosing your favourite design online, all you have to do is add your wall size and complete the purchase, and the team at Baubauwall will send you the pre-cut and numbered panels home, along with the appropriate adhesive, all within a week! “This makes the process of putting up wallpaper straightforward and logical, perfect for DIY enthusiasts and design loves,” says Törs. “Not to mention, it takes away the challenge with pattern aligning and the need for calculating the needed wallpaper quantity yourself.”

Baubauwall: Wallpapering made inspiring and innovative

Making wallpapering zero-waste and simple

While Baubauwall is a fairly new boutique, the company behind it, Digiprint, has been in the print industry for 15 years, so it has extensive experience – particularly in printing for large gallery walls. “We saw an opportunity to simplify the wallpaper experience and make it not only accessible for everyone but also more sustainable,” says Törs.

“Estonia is known for its digital solutions and from the beginning the idea was to include these skills with the help of local IT companies. Today, we have no physical store and instead run everything from our fully online boutique. In addition, we only print when an order is placed, ensuring no leftover inventory or paper waste.”

While it focuses on making the process simple, Baubauwall does not compromise when it comes to the beauty and designs of its wallpapers. “For us, wallpaper is not just about decorating walls, it’s about creating beautiful, living spaces that reflect our customers’ personal style. Whether you’re after maximalist designs, gorgeous artistic murals or soft backgrounds – we’ve got it.”

Baubauwall: Wallpapering made inspiring and innovative

Anna-Kai Törs, creative business manager at Baubauwall.

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