Best new Scandi music in August

Arguably Sweden’s hottest property in pop in recent years Victor Leksell has had a wave of nostalgia wash over him, taking him back to the bangers of his youth. Specifically, Boten Anna by Basshunter, which became an international hit for the Swedish producer via the English-language re-write Now You’re Gone. Victor reached out to Basshunter, suggested making a new song out of the club classic, and it arrived this summer. With fresh lyrics, an updated production and a hell of a lot of bass – it’s a welcome surprise to see this song hit the Top 10 in Sweden once more.

Copenhagen’s Saint Clara is back with new single Progress – an empowering anthem that encourages breaking down emotional barriers in the name of self-improvement. The lyrics are witty, the melody that showcases them is wonderfully crafted, and the final result is a tonic in itself. Any song that has “Baby, a hot mess… is progress” in its chorus was always gonna be a total keeper.

After the refreshingly honest Effort, Swedish artist SVEA is now back with a similarly unflattering ode to her exes. This time, however, she’s naming and shaming! In The Ick, SVEA goes through a roll call of her exes, pinpointing the exact moment each one started giving her that dreaded ick. The cringe tales are made a lot more palatable though – thanks to being dressed up inside a banging pop song.

For her debut single, Denmark’s DEW has taken the classic hit Superstar by fellow Danish artist Christine Milton (later made famous by Jamelia), and flipped it on its head. The chilled-house tune rewrites the iconic chorus to give the subject of the song – the ‘superstar’ – a less-than favourable edit. Far from being the object of the singer’s affections, the attention-grabbing behaviour of this protagonist is actually quite off-putting! It’s a cute spin on a much-loved pop track that gives it a fresh life and modern outlook.


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