Danish artist Tim Schou is out with a brand-new tune ahead of a forthcoming EP. Heartbreak Hotel is the latest single; a bittersweet ode to bad habits that die hard. But despite the melancholic soul-searching, there’s a warmth and positivity to be derived from his vocal delivery, which conveys the peace he’s potentially made with a situation that he’s become very familiar with.

Sweden’s Cazzi Opeia is back with her first release since winning the Eurovision Song Contest as a songwriter for Loreen’s Tattoo. And honestly, what a flex to be able to say that. On new single Taste Of Heaven she’s penned a love song to her true passion in life – music. And the consequence of this is that we get a song that’s positively bursting with joy. This is a chorus that’s going to be lodged in your head for quite some time. And you’ll be totally ok with that.

Danish artist Kinck is out with the attention-grabbing new single Current Mood. The grunge-tinged pop banger serves a kitchen-sink production and a clear statement of intent. And that intention is to promote self-confidence, positive vibes and feel-good thinking only. She’s got me, I’m all in.

Swedish pop legends Army of Lovers are out with their first new music in ten years. Love Is Blue features Ukrainian artist Olya Polyakova and rallies up everyone’s favourite Scandipop tropes of yesteryear. ABBA piano is homaged, the schlager genre is hemorrhaged, and the classic Army of Lovers lyrical style is parodied mercilessly. It ends up being a thoroughly enjoyable listen – and an essential one for anyone who’s ever had even a passing interest in the more ludicrous side of Scandinavian pop music at any point over the past three decades.

Web: www.scandipop.co.uk

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