One of Norway’s biggest music exports, Astrid S, is back to kickstart a whole new album era. New single Two Hands is super-cute and endlessly charming, thanks to a “oh-you-know-you-love-me-really” lyric paired with a funked-up and feel-good production. “I know I’m a handful… That’s why you’ve got two hands”: Quite the adorable refrain, really. And one that’s going to lend itself very well to repeat listens.

Norwegian newcomer Alessandra is out with a new pop offering, Narcissist. And quite impressively – particularly for a song that clocks in at just two and a half minutes – it manages to switch up its sound at least four times throughout its short duration. Growing gradually from a broken-hearted torch song into a trance-fuelled anthem of clarity and emancipation, there’s a hell of a lot to be enjoyed here.

One new duo that caught my attention and had it in a chokehold last autumn, when they debuted with Ønsker Du Var Straight, is the Swedish and Danish pair ØÖRESUND. Now the pair are back with single number two. On Drömmer Jag, they’ve upped the tempo considerably, but stayed with the electropop sound that they played with so well on its predecessor. This one’s got a synth riff so catchy, you’ll be assuming it’s actually taken from the ’80s era it’s been so influenced by.

Norwegian pop icon Dagny guests on Something Beautiful by the Swedish duo JUNG. The new release is a carefree guitar-pop bop with an ’80s edge, all about finding beauty in the freedom that comes with taking it easy, not caring about the opinions of others, and leaving your fate in the hands of, well, fate. An enticing doctrine to start the new year with, I must say!


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