Norwegian artist Maud is out with a euphoric new synthpop stunner to get excited about and lost inside of. Let Me Feel It is the name of the latest single; a song about knowing your own worth. And quite impressively, it was written, recorded, produced and released by the lady herself. Now there’s someone who should have no problem knowing their worth right now!

Icelandic music legend Björk has paired up with Spanish superstar Rosalía for a special release – new single and video Oral. The song is a 25-year-old recording by Björk, who invited Rosalía to come on board and breathe new life into it as a guest. Given that it’s a song that Björk wrote in the late ’90s, it easily slots into being classified as classic Björk at her very best! All profits from the release will go towards the prevention of open net-pen fish farming in Iceland.

Norwegian artist Aurora has caught my attention good and proper with her latest release. New single Your Blood finds the internationally successful singer and songwriter wander uncharacteristically far into the pop fold, leaving a lot of her trademark alternative tendencies at the door. A straight-up radio smash, it has a timeless feel to it and is instantly endearing as it jolts between tempos and tones.

Norwegian producer Alan Walker is out with a hot new track, in collaboration with the artist Daya. Heart Over Mind is part of his latest album Walkerworld, which came out in November. Veering perhaps the furthest he ever has from his dance-music arena, Heart Over Mind sounds more like the lead-single off a new album by one of your fave pop girls – and a major one, at that! Influenced by the synth sounds of the ’80s, but crafted with us pop fans who appreciate a catchy melody in mind, it’s a listen that instantly resonates.


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