Icelandic pop visionary Daði Freyr is making an album. True to quirky form, he’s calling it I’m Making An Album. And he’s releasing it in three parts. The first part, featuring four tracks, was released in April. And on it, the stand-out song is the stellar Thank You. Starting off in the most unassuming way possible, it builds slowly and blossoms beautifully into a whirlwind of electronica with a euphoric vocal performance from Mr Freyr. It’s heady, yet thoroughly wholesome pop.

A tennis player who ended up finishing runner-up in the 2022 series of Swedish Idol in December, Albin Tingwall has now released his debut single. On Something About You, he’s gifted us with an electro rave-up that features squelchy synths aplenty. Written and produced by the critically acclaimed Rasmus Flyckt, it’s a sound I’d be very happy to hear him lean more into throughout 2023. It makes for a very exciting first single for the newcomer.

Finnish pop megastar ALMA is back with a hot new tune ahead of the release of her Time Machine album. New single Tell Mama hones the pop majesty of two of its predecessors – Summer Really Hurt Us and Everything Beautiful – and serves as another big highlight from this artist’s oeuvre. On this new one, she’s also seemingly been taking lessons in pop composition from fellow Nordic legends ABBA – in both melody and electric piano riffs. The final 30 seconds play out like a glorious tribute to the foursome, complete with the requisite key change.

Finally, Danish artist Nicklas Sahl is out with new single Mercy. A modern-day anthem of self-acceptance with a retro twist to the production, it’s got a chorus that beckons the listener to join in on singing it. And we could probably all do with chanting those words of encouragement to ourselves.


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