Norwegian pop superstar Sigrid is out with a brand-new single, her first since last year’s How To Let Go album. On The Hype, we get to hear Sigrid ponder; her thoughts directed at the song’s intended – whom she suspects dated her partly because of who she is. The story is set to Sigrid’s trademark flair for melody composition, and so we’re left with a thrilling ride of a pop song, albeit at the expense of Sigrid’s own dating disasters.

School Reunion is the utterly charming new tune from Danish artist eee gee. Bathed in retro hues and featuring touches of disco fabulosity, it’s either a nostalgic trip back to the ’70s or an enjoyable insight into an inspirational genre, depending on where you sit on the age spectrum. I’m sat somewhere in the middle, and very much admiring it from either side. There’s a lot to appreciate here.

Swedish artist Molly Hammar has got a top new tune out. On Fight Like A Girl, she’s got something to say, it’s worth saying and so she’s saying it out loud. It’s a message to claim back all of the negative language surrounding what it is to be a girl, and to use it to your own advantage, since it’s being placed on you regardless. The song itself is a beautifully melodic composition and is accompanied by some equally stunning strings in the mix. And with this being Molly Hammar on vocal duties – you know it’s sounding sensational in that department too.

Icelandic artist VALDIS is back with her first release in over a year. And if this new single of hers is anything to go by, she’s feeling refreshed and replenished! Let’s Get Lost Tonight is a generous serving of dreamy disco decadence, on which she makes getting ‘lost tonight’ sound like a pretty attractive option. I’m in.


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