W ith classical incisions for lasting pleasure, and qualities that have a silky feeling while being sustainable and fair, the Norwegian lifestyle brand Bjørk Studio creates multifunctional clothing inspired by yoga and the simple, Scandinavian expression.

Easy to carry, layered garments, that switch between chic and comfortable, urban and active, is the very essence of Bjørk. “I want to make quality clothes with a classic cut that you will love. Our focus is the ‘slow fashion’ principle and creating timeless pieces,” says owner Nina Eikerol. She established Bjørk in 2015, after a long background as a designer at Ghost Design and the clothing brand Lilleba & Herremann.

Focusing on comfortable and authentic garments for the active and urban person who values fair trade and sustainability, Eikerol combines timeless style and quality with environmentally friendly materials. “Our collection consists of soft and lightweight to-and-from garments. Layers of flexible clothes that can be used for exercise, hiking, meeting friends in town or a yoga session,” she explains.

Bjørk Studio

A part of the collection has a mix of Tencel lyocell and merino wool, a unique combination that regulates both heat and moisture, while giving you a sense of well-being. This means that the garments can be worn under your windproof and waterproof clothing or just as they are. “Layering these warm, thin garments makes the body cool down quicker, resulting in the wearer feeling fresh. That is why our collection is a perfect fit for any outdoorsy person,” says Eikerol.

With a vision to create garments that integrate humanity and sustainability, it is important for the Norwegian lifestyle brand to practice good, sustainable qualities and to ensure that workers have good working conditions. All products are also produced and sewn in Europe. “It’s all about lifestyle. Don’t buy so much, but focus on having multifunctional clothing in your wardrobe that can be used for several occasions. Our clothes are made in cooperation with and respect for our suppliers and partners,” Eikerol concludes.

Bjørk Studio


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