Blekinge is a province in the south-eastern tip of Sweden, with the sea close at hand. A unique blend of deep pine forests, deciduous tree forests, sand dunes, rocks and a vast archipelago with more than 1000 islands makes this a fantastic destination for explorations of pristine nature, with plenty to offer regardless of season.

Blekinge: Experience adventure in undisturbed nature

Walking trails in different vegetation. Photo: Linda Åkerberg

Blekinge, one of 25 geographical provinces in Sweden, is one of the few that can pride themselves on an archipelago of this size along with a rich inland landscape. “The vast island network that lies scattered along our coastal line is easily reached with boats and ferries that leave the mainland on a regular basis. Blekinge is known for its deep roots in marine history, with plenty to discover in our cities, but it’s also known for the unique, untouched nature. Two hours from Copenhagen Airport and with our local airport located in Ronneby, it’s easy to get here by plane or train,” says Linda Sjunnesson, marketing coordinator at Visit Blekinge.

Blekinge: Experience adventure in undisturbed nature

A multitude of lakes and a vast archipelago provide excellent conditions for canoeing and kayaking. Photo: Way Out Bros

Nature close at hand

There’s an abundance of beautiful walking trails to explore in the Blekinge area, in the archipelago and on the mainland. The archipelago trails are compiled in the network ARK56, also available as an app, that shows all the best routes, along the coast and by the water. These trails are located in a biosphere area and provide the best routes for kayaking, sailing, hiking and cycling. There are 16 hubs connecting the trails, which are places where you can eat and spend the night, offering places to visit and attractions to explore.

Blekinge: Experience adventure in undisturbed nature

Saxemara. Photo: Robert Ekholm

Moreover, Blekinge is the province with the densest concentration of lakes in Sweden, and there are plenty of mainland trails that will help you experience the area to the fullest. Laxaleden is a popular trail that takes you from the seaside all the way up to the province border, along the river Mörrumsån. The river is well known for its salmon fishing and cuts through a landscape defined by variation – through the coastal vegetation with sandy dunes, into a leafy beech tree forest, and onto a coniferous forest. Olofström is another wildlife area where untouched nature joins forces with plenty of activities and idyllic villages. Halen is one of the many lakes in the area and is ideal for canoeing. Meanwhile, Brokamåla farm has turned into a hub for fishing and hunting, particularly ice fishing is a popular activity during winter. While light pollution is low across the entire province, Olofström offers a magnificent nighttime view of the sky, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch the northern lights.

Blekinge: Experience adventure in undisturbed nature

Wildlife at Eriksberg. Photo: Percy Christiansson

Wildlife preserved

Eriksberg is one of northern Europe’s largest protected areas for wildlife, stretching across an area more than nine square kilometers large. Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark is the hotel where visitors can enjoy close encounters with Swedish wildlife, on the conditions of the animals. The reserve was created to preserve animal and natural life along with biological diversity and offers an experience that centres around animals, nature, beautiful accommodation and gastronomy. Housed in buildings spanning back five centuries, the complex comprises a first-class hotel, awarded restaurants, conference rooms, a wine cellar, a café and a farm shop. The big event of the year is the opening of their new hotel, Arken (The Ark), a modern hotel built in the shape of a ship in the middle of the savannah. ”Arken will be a stunning addition to Eriksberg, with the focus on sustainability and incorporating nature taken to a whole new level. The hotel offers a panorama view over the landscape, with balconies giving an unobstructed view across the savannah. Some of the rooms will have parts of the floor built with glass so you can see bison, deer and wild boars in their natural habitat without disrupting them while they feed. It’s a unique building in a unique spot, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to its visitors,” Sjunnesson concludes.

Blekinge: Experience adventure in undisturbed nature

Experience the Swedish savannah at Eriksberg. Photo: Angelica Zander

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Where to stay

Destination Tärnö: Choose between glamping and picturesque fishing huts next to the seaside.
Tjärö: Book a cottage, hotel room or hostel on this idyllic island.
Aspö Lotstorn: Stay in this old tower with an unbeatable view of the sea.
Allan på Ytterön: Experience tailormade archipelago excursions.
Astensmåla Mat & Vingård: Combine good food, superb wines, comfortable accommodation and the fresh country air.
There are numerous picturesque places to choose from, more alternatives are available on Visit Blekinge website.

Download ARK56 for full access to the trails along with information about accommodation, food and other activities. Read more on:

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