Bucks and Spurs designs stylish wooden fronts for IKEA kitchen frames. With the wooden fronts as a base, you can easily play around with other materials, structures and colours.

Swedish brand Bucks and Spurs was set up by Marina Dahlblom and Helena Wendt in 2013, with the idea of creating an interior concept with flexible kitchen modules. Shortly thereafter, the duo launched Railway Kitchen, a modular kitchen solution.

Railway Kitchen, with its fusion of sleek, modern Scandinavian design and rustic American ranch feeling, was awarded Kitchen of the Year 2015 by the ELLE Decoration Awards. The same year, Railway Kitchen was nominated for Guldstolen by Architects Sweden, thanks to its classic yet innovative design language and playfulness.

“We have a passion for wood, craftsmanship and long-lasting design,” explains co-founder Helena Wendt. “All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden, with genuine craftsmanship knowledge and an eye for detail. Wood, as a sustainable material, is the base, but we also encourage customers to consider, for instance, counter tops in local stone.”

Bucks and Spurs: Handcrafted kitchen fronts in beautiful wood

Launch of Raw Oak, the first wooden front

The two founders are celebrating 20 years as female entrepreneurs. They started out in the advertising industry, running an ad agency together, and eventually moved into interior design. “We had an interest in design and wanted to create something based on our own preferences,” says Helena. For us, this means a mix of Scandinavian design, clean and simple lines, natural and beautiful materials.”

The duo certainly did something right, garnering a warm welcome and plenty of attention. “At the time, white kitchens were trendy, so perhaps we were a bit ahead of our time with our wood kitchens,” says Helena, with a smile. “But we truly believe that wood can easily be combined with other materials for a modern look. And it turns out that people love that cosy, warm and beautiful base that we provide for their homes.”

In 2019, Bucks and Spurs launched its first premium wooden front for IKEA kitchen frames, called Raw Oak. As Helena explains: “The design has been refined from our original solution, but we have kept the craftsmanship and the beautiful details, thanks to a close dialogue with our carpentry workshop. We don’t want to compromise on quality, so each piece of veneer is still cut by hand and then combined into patterns. This means that every front is unique and your kitchen gets a personal, harmonious look.” It’s a flexible and affordable solution with Swedish craftsmanship in combination with IKEA’s functional frames.

Bucks and Spurs: Handcrafted kitchen fronts in beautiful wood

New product designs in the popular line-up

With the same focus on the handcrafted woodwork, Bucks and Spurs’ big hit in their product line-up is Flat Oak. The smooth and elegant oak front has a unique finish, thanks to its beautiful hand-picked veneer. The design is warm and natural, and adds a timeless look to interiors. The same aesthetic of classic elegance goes for Flat Walnut.

Meanwhile, a new product in the range, Color+, comprises a painted wooden front in ash veneer, with stylish bevelled-edge detailing, available in any colour. It’s perfect in combination with the wooden fronts. Soon to be launched is the new front, Plank Oak, which will also champion high-quality handcraft.

In addition to the popular wooden fronts for the IKEA frames for kitchens and wardrobes, Bucks and Spurs offers custom-made and modular kitchens, and some customers decide to go for a mix. “Although we come up with the wooden designs, this is just a base that can be varied endlessly,” says Helena. “We want to inspire people to create their own personal, beautiful and playful spaces by combining IKEA frames with our wooden fronts.”

All Bucks and Spurs products are available across Europe.

Bucks and Spurs: Handcrafted kitchen fronts in beautiful wood

Marina Dahlblom and Helena Wendt, founders of Bucks and Spurs.

Web: www.bucksandspurs.se
Instagram: @bucksandspursstockholm
Facebook: bucksandspurs

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