Where the Danes go to eat


For a true culinary experience of Denmark, the classics have to be tried; everything from an open sandwich to a traditional pork or beef dinner. And there is no better place to try these than in Café Lindevang, a restaurant that has been serving the classics since 1938.

Copenhagen has over the years become a culinary capital, but getting a taste of the traditional Danish dishes can actually sometimes be a bit difficult in the nation’s capital. So, at a place like Café Lindevang, there is good reason why 80 per cent of the diners are regulars; people just love this kind of food.

“We took over the running of the restaurant in 2007, and one thing was clear to us − we weren’t going to change anything. Of course, some things have modernised over the years, but deep down we’re making the kinds of dishes that our grandparents would have made for us. It’s homely, comforting food,” explains Carsten Jensen, co-owner of Café Lindevang.

Café Lindevang is a little snapshot of Danish culture, where a herring platter served with snaps and beer is a must-try, or maybe an open sandwich with roast beef or breaded plaice for lunch. For dinner, there are even more classics to be had, with most traditional dishes having some kind of meat, potato and pickled cucumber or red cabbage. Simple and absolutely delicious.

If you are looking for a true taste of the Danish classics, then Café Lindevang is worth a visit, not only for the food, but also the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


Bus 9A from the city centre.
Bus stop: Folkets Allé (Peter Bangs vej)

Open: Mon-Sat
Lunch: 11:30-15:30
Dinner: 16:30-21:00

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