With millions of subscribers on social media, Cecilia Blomdahl has put Svalbard on the map. Followers have fallen in love with her videos about daily life in a cabin outside Longyearbyen, mixed with beautiful views of the rugged landscape and excursions into unspoilt wilderness. Scan Magazine caught up with Blomdahl to find out more about the TikTok that kicked it all off, what made her fall in love with the remote island, and her best tips for summer experiences in Svalbard.

Cecilia Blomdahl is nothing less than a social media sensation, with nearly 4.7 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Her most popular YouTube video from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago near the North Pole, has a whopping 3.7 million views.

Originally from Sweden, Blomdahl moved to Svalbard in 2015. Today, she lives in a cabin outside Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, with her partner Christoffer and Finnish Lapphund called Grim. Her social media journey began when she started posting content online about everyday life in the Arctic archipelago and its ups and downs.

Cecilia Blomdahl: Life on a remote island in the Arctic

Bjonahamna is a breathtakingly beautiful location for a boat trip in summer.

Followers have been able to see the natural beauty of Svalbard and excursions to remote parts of the archipelago, but also daily life including an extension of the cabin, how she spends a day in Longyearbyen, and grocery shopping at the only supermarket in town. What’s comforting to watch is how Blomdahl makes the most of the small things in life, like enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee in front of the open fire, making breakfast in the cosy cabin with a view of the coastline, or just cuddling with Grim.

Cecilia Blomdahl: Life on a remote island in the Arctic

Summertime is perfect for boat trips along the fjords. This is the mesmerising Tempelfjorden.

Overnight social media success

Before her global success as a content creator, Blomdahl was a beginner in photography and videography; “When I first moved to Svalbard, I didn’t even own a camera and had no interest in photography. I purchased my first DJI drone after a few months, mainly because it seemed fun. That was my starting point into content creation.” She was immediately mesmerised by the views of Svalbard from above, capturing and sharing scenes like walruses floating on blocks of ice, and the gorgeous blue hour over a massive glacier.

Blomdahl had already gained a small following on Instagram by posting photos from Svalbard, but it really kicked off thanks to one TikTok. “One day during polar night, I was walking my dog Grim with my boyfriend and it was just one of those regular days during the dark winter. It was 3 pm, pitch black, with northern lights dancing above us. I found what looked to be polar bear tracks, so I made a short TikTok about it, a platform I had just discovered, and went to bed.”

Cecilia Blomdahl: Life on a remote island in the Arctic

Borebukta has been the chosen location for a walrus colony in recent years.

The next day, she woke up to 600,000 views and thousands of new followers. That TikTok went viral, bringing in over half a million followers within a week. Blomdahl made the most of the momentum, continued posting, and also started her YouTube channel. “From that point I treated it like a job, posting regularly and putting my all into it. And here we are now!”

What does the influencer believe fascinates her followers? “I think the fact that Svalbard is fairly unknown makes people curious,” she says. “It’s an exciting place, we have polar bears, northern lights, months of darkness, months of daylight.” But Blomdahl also claims to be just a regular person. “I make videos about our snowmobile adventures or walking my dog Grim with my firearm slung over my shoulder, but also when getting my nails done in town and going grocery shopping. We live pretty regular lives, in a unique place.”

Cecilia Blomdahl: Life on a remote island in the Arctic

Another memorable summer excursion by boat is along Magdalenafjorden.

Captivating Arctic setting

Blomdahl spent most of her 20s living abroad in places such as Ireland, England and Australia. “I was working in the hotel industry back in Sweden some years ago and looking for a new adventure,” she remembers. “When my colleagues said they were going to Svalbard, a place I hadn’t even heard of at the time, I thought it sounded interesting!”



She followed along and got a job as a booking manager at a restaurant in Longyearbyen. “I arrived in November, at the start of polar night with complete darkness 24/7, which means that you can’t really see anything outside. It wasn’t until the first full moon that I realised there is a massive fjord on the outskirts of town!”



Intending to stay only for a few months, Blomdahl was captivated by the small Arctic town and fell in love with the Svalbard way of life. “I always imagined my future living in a bustling city and climbing the corporate ladder, so ending up here was quite a surprise. However, it’s the incredible beauty and unique lifestyle that I fell in love with. Every day feels like an adventure. It’s quiet, peaceful and nature is right on our doorstep.”

What makes Svalbard exciting however also makes it difficult at times. The seasons are extreme, from three months of complete darkness during polar night, to four months of endless daylight during polar day. We are curious to hear about Blomdahl’s favourite things to do. “It depends on the time of year, as every season offers very different adventures,” she admits.



During sunny winter (March to May), she goes on long snowmobile excursions together with her partner Christoffer. “We can drive for miles to explore untouched nature like glacier caves or to stay in small remote cabins for a few days.” In the summer, they go on boat trips among the whales on the fjord, venture out on long hikes and explore the island on foot. And during polar night, she spends a lot of time outside capturing the northern lights, or hiking up the mountains in pitch-black darkness. “Whatever the season, my focus is on being outdoors as much as possible and enjoying the unreal landscape we have here.”

Cecilia Blomdahl: Life on a remote island in the Arctic

Cecilia Blomdahl and her Finnish Lapphund Grim discovering Longyearbreen.

Cecilia Blomdahl’s best tips for experiencing Svalbard in summer:

- Go on a boat trip to see the walruses. Borebukta, a bay across the fjord from Longyearbyen, has been the chosen location for a walrus colony in recent years. It’s a spectacular place where you get to see walruses as well as massive glacier fronts.
- Fjord safari is a must. Out on the fjords you have the chance to see wildlife such as whales, puffins and even polar bears. It’s the best way to experience Svalbard in summer.
- Ny-ålesund. This is a research village with historical significance for Svalbard. It’s located quite far from Longyearbyen and only accessible by boat in summer.
- Hike around Longyearbyen. The quick hike up Platåfjellet gives superb views over the area, as well as a good workout.
- Go for a walk in Longyearbyen! There is lots of history in town, like the Taubanesentral or the old mines, so walking around can be a nice activity if the weather is good. End the stroll at Café Huskies, which has the best coffee in town as well as huskies who love a good cuddle.

“Summer is slowly inching its way up to becoming my favourite season on Svalbard,” adds Blomdahl. “There is so much to see and do, and the weather is a comfortable average of 6C! Just remember that you need a guide for most activities as polar bear danger is a constant. So anytime you leave town, you need to be accompanied by someone with a firearm.”

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