Music has the power to unite us, to soothe and heal the soul and transport us to a different place. For just a brief moment, you can forget time and place and simply allow yourself to be in the present moment, without having to do or be anything. At Copenhagen Philharmonic (or Phil for short), they believe that classical music is for everyone, not only a select few. Therefore, they are on a mission to democratise classical music so that everyone can enjoy the magic of fine arts.

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul,” Plato famously said. Music has always played an important role for mankind. It has the ability to connect us, inspire us, and calm both the soul and the mind. From aristocrats to tiny villages on remote islands, music has always been an essential art form across the globe.

Classical music often gets the reputation of only being for the well-educated and wealthy. Perhaps when you think of classical music, you think of grand opera houses in Vienna. Copenhagen Phil is here to change that. They believe that classical music and fine arts should be for everyone – no matter who you are, where you come from and what your background is.

“Everyone deserves to experience classical music. I didn’t grow up with a piano or classical music; I was only introduced to it later in life. But it’s not just for academics and the upper class. Our finest mission is to make classical music accessible to all,” says Peter Lodahl, music director at Copenhagen Phil.

Copenhagen Phil: Captured by the vibration and the magic

Defining Moments. Photo: Kim Matthäi Leland

A balm for the soul

If you have ever listened to classical music, or been to a classical music concert, you’ll have experienced the magic that unfolds when allowing the music to wash over you. Science has proven again and again that classical music contributes to calm and peace of mind.

“Classical music has the same effect as yoga, meditation or going to church. You fully immerse yourself in the experience. It is a stark contrast to both our daily life and society, which is often stressful and hyper focused on achieving and being efficient and rational. Ultimately, music can make people happier and more fulfilled,” says Lodahl.

Not only does this immersion in classical music evoke feelings of calm, peace, happiness and grounding. It’s also an opportunity for inner reflection. Something magical happens when you simply allow the music to transform you.

“Classical music is like a massage for the soul. Unlike other art forms, music has no physical form. Music only exists in the here and now, and it forces you to be present. It is cathartic. It sets you free. You cannot escape by scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. You just have to be present with whatever arises. It is hard to prove something that is ultimately invisible, but the proof is in the pudding,” explains Lodahl.

Exploring the wonders of classical music

At Copenhagen Phil, they are not afraid to take a chance and do things differently. For instance, the orchestra has made collaborations with the Danish pop singer-songwriter Christopher. “This may seem like an odd collaboration to many, but a collaboration like this opens people’s eyes to classical music and symphony. We are ambitious and love classical music, but we are not afraid to try something new and different and combine music genres,” says Lodahl.

As such, Copenhagen Phil has also made a podcast with Third Ear, called Afgørende Øjeblikke (‘Defining Moments’), which will take you on a journey through the world of classical music.

Through PHIL:LAB, Copenhagen Phil is exploring the intersection between classical music, theatre, movement, installation art and gastronomy. The idea is to reach a new audience and introduce them to the wonders of classical music.

“We wish to meet our audience where they are. It is also of great importance to us that we play across Zealand and not just in Copenhagen. Whether we are playing in a grand, historic building or in a gym is never the important thing; what’s important is the music and the experience people get. We are sublime at what we do, and we think everyone deserves to listen to classical music,” says Lodahl.

Copenhagen Phil also works with schools and pupils. Here, even the most energetic pupils become mesmerised by the beauty of the music. Like everyone else they are captured by the vibrations and the magic of classical music.

Copenhagen Phil: Captured by the vibration and the magic

Copenhagen Phil was founded in 1843 and has 65 orchestra musicians. The orchestra is located in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, in the Concert Hall of the Academy.

Concerts 2022:
The Maestro and Beethoven Vol. 1: 23 September 2022
Musikverein Wien: 26 September 2022
Afgørende Øjeblikke #4 (Defining Moments): 29 September to 1 October
Ravel and Brahms: 6 October 2022
Sacre and Faust: 10 November 2022
For the full programme, you can visit Copenhagen Phil’s website.

Facebook: copenhagenphil
Instagram: @copenhagenphil

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