With a passion for design and premium materials, Davsjö strives to create furniture that balances form and function. Its foldable chair is an example of something much more than a piece of furniture, it blends beauty and practicality as a form of art.

Davsjö’s design is elegant, with smooth surfaces and geometrical shapes. “Furniture should do more than just fill a space, it should tell a story,” means David Sjöberg, founder and designer. “We believe that design should seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.”

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

With a background in industrial design, Sjöberg tries to find a balance between form and function whilst always keeping the user in mind. “Our collection reflects a commitment to form, craftsmanship, sustainability, and the pursuit of enduring aesthetics,” he says. Each piece is crafted with a meticulous eye for proportion, balance, and detail, ensuring that the visual allure complements the functionality and durability of the product.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

The furniture is designed and made in Sweden, showcasing the material and Davsjö’s technical expertise but also capturing the emotional connection that well-made furniture can create. The close relationship between design and manufacturing, combining modern machinery with traditional craftsmanship, enables a process that consistently delivers premium products.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

The foldable chair as functional art

Davsjö’s first collection of furniture was launched at the beginning of this year. It consists of a pair of dining chairs, DS10 and the foldable DS11, bar stools and ladders, where form meets function. With matching design elements, they ensure a cohesive look that complements the existing decor.

The foldable chair defies traditional folding constructions and challenges convention with its design where the seat and backrest appear to be floating. “One of the challenges was to create a foldable structure with a distinctive form yet with a mechanism that remains visually discreet,” says Sjöberg. Unlike conventional foldable chairs that are relegated to closets when not in use, Davsjö’s design stands out as a decorative piece.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

The clever design is the very essence of Davsjö. “It allows the users to expand their dining setup with foldable chairs that share the same style as the regular arrangement,” says the designer. “It’s a practical solution for accommodating unexpected guests or creating a temporary seating arrangement for special occasions.”

The bar stool, with a sculpted seat shaped after the body, has the same sense of a visually pleasing design which is also comfortable. Sjöberg explains the idea; “Throughout the design process, our aim was to create a sense of continuous, seamless connection between the leg structure and sculpted seat, to enhance not only the aesthetic appeal but also create a comfortable seating experience.”

Also, the ladder is an example of where practicality meets beauty. “You can hang it effortlessly on the wall with the matching wall mount, which transforms it into a decorative masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance to the living space,” says Sjöberg. Make it a statement piece that deserves to be showcased, and just grab it when you need to reach that top shelf in the kitchen.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

A mix of aesthetics, function and durability

In the intricate process of developing form, Davsjö embraces a holistic approach, carefully considering various facets that contribute to the overall design. “We believe that aesthetics extend beyond mere visual appeal,” explains Sjöberg. “It’s the art of pleasing the eye while harmonising with the other crucial design elements.”

Durability is a cornerstone of Davsjö’s commitment to sustainability. Here, Sjöberg highlights the responsibility of the designer; “True sustainable design is an exquisite dance of form, function, quality materials, and a durable construction.” He means that it’s not just about creating beautiful objects, it’s about crafting enduring legacies that stand the test of time, considering every aspect, embodying the essence of thoughtful design and environmental responsibility.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

An example of Davsjö’s sustainable design approach is the wooden salad utensils, made of leftover pieces of wood from furniture production. The eco-friendly utensils feature sleek lines inspired by nature’s elegance, adding a sophisticated touch to the dining experience.

This autumn, Davsjö will introduce more products to its line-up, including a dining table, a desk, and lighting. “Our identity and design expression will be reflected also in future products,” ensures Sjöberg.

Davsjö: Furniture that transforms spaces into living experiences

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