After seeing an immense amount of plastic pollution on their holidays, a dentist couple from Sweden decided to do something about it. They launched Della Dental – toothpaste tablets made from natural ingredients, packed in biodegradable packaging. The small business has big ambitions: for the world to switch to waterless toothpaste and quit single-use plastic.

“My husband and I are both dentists and we have worked hard to develop tablets with fluoride that give a very similar experience compared to traditional toothpaste,” Margaretha Barholm, CMO and co-founder, says. “We know how important toothbrushing is and our products contain the recommended daily dose of fluoride, because that’s the single best way to keep your teeth in good health. But the tablets are also very nice to use and our customers love the taste of them.”

Della Dental: Plastic-free dental care for happy smiles

Photo: Michelangelo Buonarroti

Every year, huge amounts of plastic end up in our seas. Nicroplastics have been found in drinking water and a lot of the plastic comes from our hygiene products. With her background in dentistry, Barholm understood how outdated the dental industry was in terms of its reliance on single-use plastic. Traditional toothpaste is comprised largely of water, despite its scarcity around the globe. This also makes the toothpaste larger and heavier to transport. Della Dental saw the potential for innovation.

“We created our toothpaste tablet because we couldn’t find any good environmentally friendly options on the market. All our products are vegan and biodegradable, including the brush head on our toothbrushes,” Barholm explains.

Della Dental also sells plant-based dental floss for those who want to remove all plastic use in their dental care. The tablet packages can be bought in different sizes, as well as travel packs.

Della Dental: Plastic-free dental care for happy smiles

Photo: Naja Bertolt Jensen

Instagram: @dellaplanet

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