At Den Blå Planet, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, visitors can experience life beneath the surface, promising a day of magnificent sights and delights. Outside, a combination of recreational and educational activities make for hours of learning and having fun in the sun.

With 23,000 animals, seven million litres of water, and 727 species, Den Blå Planet is a favoured destination among families. One of the aquarium’s lesser-known highlights is its attractive outdoor area, which provides stunning views of the Øresund strait and a beautiful setting for relaxation.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark – not just for rainy days

The outdoor space features a water playground, sun loungers, the Wild Pond and a scenic boardwalk, making it perfect for families and nature enthusiasts. “A lot of people, especially families, are surprised by how time flies at our water playground – people spend hours playing,” explains Amalie Stubkjær Nissen, from communications. “Moreover, we tried to create a nice, relaxing atmosphere with loungers, ice creams, and other little extra touches during the summer months.”

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark – not just for rainy days

In the Wild Pond, visitors can explore aquatic life with nets and magnifying glasses. More interactive experiences are offered inside. At the tropical touch pool, you can get up close and personal with species like cownose rays and bamboo sharks. “You just experience things differently when you get your hands in the water, and it is not just the children – the adults can’t help but try it as well,” says Nissen.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark – not just for rainy days

The Australian spotted jellyfish are among the aquarium’s newest inhabitants.

In the Rainforest, animals like birds, sloths, and insects roam freely as you stroll through. Just as popular is the aquarium’s adoring population of sea otters. If visiting this summer, another highlight is the Underwater Photographer of the Year exhibition, showcasing 55 breathtaking underwater photos that capture the beauty and mystery of aquatic life as seen through the eyes of talented photographers. More info on the exhibition and a daily programme of events can be found on the aquarium’s website.

Conveniently, Den Blå Planet is located a 15-minute trip by metro and foot from Copenhagen Airport and a 30-minute trip from the capital’s central station. To ensure the best experience and guarantee entrance, tickets should be booked online. This is essential, particularly during the busy summer holidays.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark – not just for rainy days

The aquarium’s outdoor area provides hours of fun.

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