Located at Kilden health centre in Stavanger, Derma MediSpa offers a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments customised to each patient. Dr. Irina Ibanescu leads a small team of trained medical professionals devoted to helping people look and feel their best.

Dr. Ibanescu’s journey into aesthetic medicine began in 2015, specialising in laser treatments. Despite gaining valuable experience in a variety of clinics, she identified a lack of holistic care and genuine patient prioritisation in the industry. This inspired her to start Derma MediSpa, where well-being is paramount.

Founded in 2021, Derma MediSpa has grown steadily, focusing on advanced, innovative treatments tailored to each patient’s needs. Unlike clinics that prioritise profit through aggressive upsales, Derma MediSpa ensures that clients receive honest advice and the best care, including referrals to other clinics if necessary. “We aim to enhance natural beauty and boost confidence without compromising integrity,” says Ibanescu. “We focus on prevention and improving skin structure, texture and quality.”

Offering a wide-ranging, carefully curated list of treatments, Derma MediSpa pairs cutting-edge cosmetic technology and techniques with its policy of obtaining a clear understanding of what each client is hoping to achieve. This way, the team can offer patients the most effective treatment according to their specific needs.

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Dr. Irina Ibanescu, founder of Derma MediSpa.

Embracing the beauty of ageing

The founder values a responsible and ethical approach to cosmetic treatments. She believes that modern beauty standards are putting a huge amount of pressure on people, especially women and that there are harmful ideas around ageing in particular. At Derma MediSpa, the term anti-ageing – one of the most commonly used in the beauty industry – is not welcome. “We don’t like the term anti-ageing. Ageing is beautiful,” Ibanescu says. “Getting older is a privilege not everybody gets to experience. As we move through life, wrinkles and signs of age will naturally appear.”

While the team is committed to promoting healthy and balanced views around beauty, it has a deep understanding of the fact that a lot of people struggle with inner conflict and worry about their appearance. “Spots, scars, discolouration and other skin concerns can impact a person’s self-esteem, and we’re committed to helping people feel good about themselves,” says Ibanescu.

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A thorough approach

As part of the service, Derma MediSpa carries out a thorough consultation and follow-up appointment. Once the initial consultation has established what the client’s needs and concerns are, a skin analysis is performed to identify the best treatment or skin program. “Before we treat a client, it’s important to find the right treatment, discuss what the relevant procedure will entail and possible side effects,” Ibanescu explains. “We take pictures to assess progress, and every patient attends a post-treatment evaluation.”

The clinic turns away potential clients who are not suited to the type of cosmetic procedure they want, or who expect too much from the results. “We always discuss reasonable expectations from our treatments. We don’t perform plastic surgery, and we want to ensure the client’s expectations are realistic from the outset. It’s important that our clients are happy with the service we provide.”

The team discourages young people from undertaking excessive cosmetic procedures. In fact, the clinic only accepts patients over the age of 21. “A lot of young girls and women are requesting filler treatments, which I find worrying. I don’t think every young girl should have big lips just because that’s the current trend,” says Ibanescu. “We prefer not to alter a person’s appearance needlessly and focus more on skin quality.”

Denmark and Norway to shine at Tour de France

Quality in focus

Ibanescu and her staff take part in courses and conferences to learn new developments and maintain their knowledge and skills. “The quality of our service is paramount. We offer only effective, well-documented treatments performed safely by trained, experienced professionals,” she says. “This industry moves fast and changes happen every day – we have to stay up to date.”

In addition to the clinic, Derma MediShop sells medical-grade, science-backed products. Derma Medi Academy will also be launched this year with the aim of teaching others the art of medical aesthetics. Only pure, environmentally friendly and sustainable products are used and sold at the spa. “The products we choose provide excellent results,” adds Ibanescu. “Most of our products are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and well-suited to a range of different skin types.”

Derma MediSpa is now among the best clinics in Norway, recognized for its exceptional patient care and pioneering treatments. Its unique and engaging social media content often sets industry trends, with many other clinics emulating their ideas. Ibanescu’s unwavering commitment to ethical practice and breaking the pattern of profit-driven upselling proves that prioritising people over profit leads to success. Experience the difference at Derma MediSpa, where your well-being is the priority.


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