Cups of joy


Passion for colours, shapes and the meeting that takes place when enjoying a cup of coffee with a loved one, are the driving forces behind Design Lena Larsson. “I have always loved cups and the feeling connected to them, ever since I was three years old and drinking coffee with my grandmother,” the artist recalls with a smile.

The idea behind Larsson’s joyfully designed paintings and items sprung from happy childhood memories as well as positive feedback received in art school when painting cups in different shapes and colours. The creative expression expanded from the canvas to actual designs, and today her ceramic products are made at Nittsjö ceramics factory in Sweden.

Characteristic for Larsson’s collection, I want more, are the round circles in bright colours placed on the inside or outside of her cups and bowls. “Sometimes we are introvert, and sometimes extrovert, a fact symbolised by the placement of the circles. A bestseller is the harmonic design with a circle both inside and outside, which is quite curious when you think about it,” Larsson reflects. “I want to mediate happiness to people, and for my products to be used in many different ways. A cup can, for example, serve either as a breakfast bowl or as a mug for mulled wine.”

The road to success has been long, but decisions based on listening to the heart have worked out well. “I often ask myself where I get the energy from, and the answer is simple: I love cups and the emotions they can hold.”


Showroom: Södermannagatan 41 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Liljevalchs Museum Shop, Djurgårdsvägen 60, Stockholm, Sweden

Eskilstuna Art Museum, Portgatan 2, Eskilstuna, Sweden



Facebook: designlenalarsson

Instagram: @lenalarsson_design

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