Host your next company event or meeting among bison


Whether you are bringing your family, arranging a team-building trip, or looking for a place to have your next meeting, Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm offers an extraordinary experience in natural surroundings.

Imagine hosting a meeting, and right outside the window you see bison walking around in the wild. That is the scenario at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm, the biggest bison farm in Europe – a place that received its first bison in 1993 and has since made a virtue out of creating unique memories for its guests.

The farm has almost 400 American bison, and since May this year, their guests have had the opportunity to spend the night in one of the farm’s brand-new prairie cottages, which can also be used as conference rooms. “Often, companies choose to have a meeting in classic conference rooms, but why not have it here instead? If you really need to discuss something or enter a creative mode, what could be better than having a meeting in natural surroundings, while you see bison walking right past you? The open nature and the animals make you calm and help you relax and focus on the task at hand,” says Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm’s owner, Niels Henrik Ove.

The farm is situated in idyllic surroundings, which can feel other-worldly to some, but the fact is that it is easily accessible. Located just 15 kilometres outside of Odense, it is only five minutes from the highway, 30 minutes from the Great Belt Bridge, and 20 minutes from the Little Belt Bridge. “It’s easier to get out here than to the centre of Odense, and there is no need to worry about parking. We’re close to everything, but still far away from your everyday life,” says Niels Henrik Ove.

An ideal place for team building

Other than just having a meeting, companies can host their next company event at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm. You can get a guided tour of the prairie in prairie wagons that take you to the middle of the bison herd, or you can feel like a star of a Western with the many outdoor activities on offer.

“When companies arrange team-building weekends, it is often something with bowling or go-karting, but we offer something else. We have a variety of activities such as archery, lassoing, javelin throwing and pistol shooting, which gives you a different, memorable experience. If you want a bit more action, we rent out mountain bikes that you can take out on some of the best mountain-bike tracks of Funen, located just five minutes away,” Niels Henrik Ove says and adds: “We also have three different halls with space for 100, 80 and 40 people respectively, so regardless of the size of your group we can arrange a complete company day that fits your needs.”

A majestic animal

Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm also has many families and couples visiting the farm, and Niels Henrik Ove hopes that the bison help make for an experience they will never forget. “It’s a majestic, proud animal that isn’t afraid of anything, but on the other hand, it’s very playful, which you will be able to see for yourself up close. On the farm, everything is about the bison. They are the main attraction, and our restaurant serves bison meat, which is among the tastiest and healthiest meat you can eat. In our farm shop you can buy some bison meat to bring home.”

The bison have spent their entire lives in open fields in social interaction with animals from a similar species, and they are slaughtered in the pen without being stressed by transport to the abattoir. The good conditions that the bison enjoy at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm recently resulted in Niels Henrik Ove being nominated by Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Denmark’s largest and oldest animal rights organisation) as this year’s bridge builder for his commitment at the farm and for helping to build bridges between humans and animals.

“Whether our guests are coming for a meeting, for a company event, for a bit of holiday or an excursion, I hope we will exceed their expectations and they will be just as excited about the bison as I was the first time I saw them,” says Niels Henrik Ove.

Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm is Europe’s biggest bison farm, with almost 400 American bison.

It got its first bison in 1993, and today it offers the following services:

-Meeting rooms

-Company events

-Farm shop



-Outdoor activities

-Guided tours

-Overnight stays in prairie cottages or shelters


Facebook: ditlevsdalbisonfarm

Instagram: @ditlevsdal.bisonfarm

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