Be kind to yourself this year and spare yourself unnecessary stress with a gift card. Though a gift card might sound impersonal, in fact it can be quite the opposite.

Giving someone a gift card is an act of kindness, put simply. What you are doing is giving someone the opportunity to get something they really want – and it might well be something that you would never have guessed for yourself. is delivered by the Norwegian shopping mall and hotel chain Olav Thon Group. As such, the gift cards can be used in more than 4,000 stores, over 80 shopping centres and over 70 hotels in Norway. gift card: The gift that’s always perfect

Hotel Bristol, Bristol grill.

Holidays are coming – brace yourself

Everyone wants to be the perfect parent, spouse, or friend by giving their loved ones the ideal gift. In reality, that is very hard to do. The month of December tends to go by very fast. Before you know it, Christmas is upon you and you’re still missing important gifts. Don’t panic, simply give them the gift of choice. The opportunities are many with Luckily for you – and for your peace of mind – the gift card recipient can choose themselves where and when to use it. gift card: The gift that’s always perfect

Thon Hotel Ålesund Suite.

Give someone you love the chance to discover new places

Thon Hotels offers accommodation in a variety of amazing hotels located all over Norway – from the leisurely south coast to the exotic, icy mountains in the north. In other words, giving someone a gift card can open the doors to many unforgettable experiences.

Perfect for someone who loves maritime life, the newly renovated Thon Hotel Ålesund lies right by the sea in the beautiful city of Ålseund. The hotel has its own marina and a restaurant that extends over two floors.

For the traditionalist, the famous Hotel Bristol in Oslo is a favorite. Its history goes back more than a century, and whether you are staying or just visiting, you will certainly feel like a royal. The unique afternoon tea experience will take you back to the 18th century and, at Bristol Grill, the chefs expertly blend traditional cooking with modern techniques for exciting flavour combinations.

For a completely different experience, you can consider visiting Thon Hotel Svolvær. The hotel is located in the heart of Lofoten, with its very own stand at the fish market, where the fishermen gather to sell the catch of the day. You can learn how to gut fish or even how to make your own caviar. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty, you can simply enjoy the fresh fish at the restaurant later that evening. gift card: The gift that’s always perfect

Thon Hotel Aalesund Business Room.

Get in – we’re going shopping

That said, we all have a friend or family member that never travels. Whatever the reason, some simply like to stay home, or at least close to home. can be used in over 80 shopping centres across all of Norway, and offer the chance to pair a great shopping experience with a relaxing hotel stay.

In Eastern Norway, you will find a range of great shopping centres. Sandvika Storsenter consists of 200 stores and several breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants. Across the street, you will find Thon Hotel Sandvika which offers large, comfortable rooms.
A good runner-up is Strømmen Storsenter, with 195 stores in which to find the perfect purchase. Meanwhile, the brand-new Thon Hotel Storo is located right next to Storo Storsenter, with 160 stores.

Give someone the chance to spoil themself this Christmas

If you find yourself in Western Norway, then Lagunen Storsenter in Bergen is the place to be. It’s a popular shopping spot for the locals; in 2021, Lagunen Storsenter saw the highest turnover of any mall in Norway.
On a trip up north, it would be impossible to overlook Thon Hotel Alta. Not only does the hotel offer views across the stunning Altafjord, but it is located inside the Amfi Alta shopping mall – a true all-in-one experience.

The gift of excellent cuisine

What about the foodie of the family? can be used in many exciting restaurants across Norway. If you like a soulful story as well as great food, Abelone Kjøkken & Bar is an ideal spot. The restaurant is named after the ‘Vaterland Queen’ Abelone Constance Kristensen – a generous and spirited 19th century Oslo hotelier. Today, you will find an industrial-chic venue with friendly staff and occasional live music.

Meanwhile, Liv & Røre in Ålesund and Lørenskog has it all. This place is a mash-up of restaurants, bars, arcades, outdoor seating and other fun activities all under one roof – ideal for a first date.

These are only a handful of the many opportunities that unlocks. The gift card can easily be purchased online and you can personalise it with a design of your choice. gift card: The gift that’s always perfect

Abelone Kjøkken & Bar is a popular eatery in the centre of Oslo. Photo: Ida Christine Carlsen

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