I am doomed. My regular cartoon slot in a Norwegian newspaper has come to an end, and so a large chunk of my income has disappeared overnight. This is the problem with working freelance – you can be hurtled back to square one at any point and with no warning. I am used to it, but the older I get, the more difficult it feels to start over. Having said that, I sometimes wonder if my move to a different country helps me deal with the upheaval. Or perhaps it contributed to me choosing this somewhat unconventional path in life in the first place?

Since emigrating to England 25 years ago, I have moved a total of 15 times. The funny thing is, I see myself as someone who would be suited to being comfortably settled. But perhaps, once you have had a major uproot, it is hard to ever find that peace again? I cannot decide whether this is a good or a bad thing because, as mentioned, I am currently at square one, which is a pretty all-consuming space to occupy.

Where do I go from here? A minor career adjustment, a change in profession, a change in country? “You’re Swedish,” my friend suggested. “Can’t you somehow use that to your advantage and create a new job?” It sounds like a good idea, but just how would you capitalise on Swedish-ness? What are we (supposedly) good at? I can only think of cinnamon buns and raunchy vintage films, neither of which I am sure I am suited to.

Anyway, as mentioned – I am doomed. This is not because of my sudden job situation, but because I have just discovered that my (current) home city has a shop that sells real Swedish sweets. If anything will lead to my financial ruin, it will be this.


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