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It is a truth that is alas universally acknowledged that this summer’s glorious, scorching Danish weather will not last forever. Inevitably, the wheel will turn towards colder, windier and rainier days, and we will all be back at our jobs, dreaming of a little luxurious holiday away. Luckily, southern Jutland’s Enjoy Resorts has your back, whatever your travel desires. Situated in the beautiful nature of Rømø and Gråsten, they are host to 366 holiday homes and everything that goes with them, including Denmark’s largest luxury wellness centre.

“We’ve truly got something to offer everyone and every generation,” says sales and marketing manager Jesper Aalund Olsen. “We’re very proud of that fact – it’s always great fun to see three generations of families here, spending time together but also having the space and option to go off on their own. Whether they’re here with partners, friends, children or on their own, people can do exactly what they want. The resorts each have a restaurant, but the houses also have fully equipped kitchens; there are activities that are great for the whole family, and you can go off and treat yourself to a massage on your own. We know people really value that flexibility.”

Explore from home

With centres by the town of Gråsten and the Wadden Sea island of Rømø, Enjoy Resorts has done rather well for itself. The 4,000-strong town of Gråsten is one of Denmark’s prettiest, located by the sea just north of the German border and housing the royal family at the elegant rococo-style Gråsten Castle every summer. The castle gardens are open and renowned for the late Queen Ingrid’s flower garden, which itself is open to the public whenever the royal family is not in residence. The area is also ripe with visitor attractions, including Dybbøl and Danfoss Universe science park. Though many go by car, trains will take you in and out of Gråsten, making it easy to explore the area. Many never make it that far, however, largely due to the draw of both resorts’ waterparks and wellness centres.

In Gråsten, penthouse flats with great views of the fjord face the resort’s own Fiskenæs Marina, where guests can moor their own boat if needed. Most of the houses, however, are larger, modern versions of classic beach cottages containing four bedrooms each and all the amenities necessary for a stress-free and flexible holiday. The spacious houses are wooden and painted in bright colours, giving the lovely impression of an overgrown Astrid Lindgren village. The Rømø houses are modern and luxurious. Booking a holiday at either resort provides access to the resorts’ many facilities.

Roaming, rest and relaxation

Rømø, on the western side of Jutland, features one of the best and longest beaches in Europe and land-based nature to match. “I feel very lucky to work in these beautiful surroundings,” Olsen admits, standing by the resort’s restaurant on Rømø and looking out towards the sea. “The Wadden Sea is simply amazing.” The UNESCO world heritage site has been designated a nature reserve thanks to its teeming wildlife, which ranges from bountiful wild oysters ripe for the picking in the autumn to Denmark’s busiest bird migration destination in the autumn and spring. A large population of common seals can also be found frolicking in the waves alongside surfers for most of the year.

People aching for a relaxing time away ought to take a leaf out of the seals’ book and head to Rømø. Aside from the natural wonders, the island features a range of activities to bring you out of the rut of daily life, though Rømø also contains a conference centre, proving that business and pleasure do go hand in hand. “We have a proper 18-hole links course as well as a good practice nine-hole course where anyone can test out their golfing skills, regardless of experience,” says Olsen. “Adrenaline junkies can head to the beach, where they can experience speeds up of to 70 kilometres per hour riding wind-powered vehicles along the 14-kilometre beach.”

The most popular part of the resort, however, is decidedly not adrenaline-provoking. Denmark’s largest wellness centre is spread over 2,600 square metres, with plenty of smaller rooms and areas to let you find your own private nook to space out in. You would need to book about five weeks there in order to try out every service, treatment and facility. Apart from standards such as saunas and Jacuzzis, they include six pools of varying temperature and salt levels, three different types of foot massage canals, several massage showers, tropical rainfall and a relaxing atrium garden – and that is just the facilities. Treatments range from fish spas and steaming cupboards to classic massages, facial treatments and mani-pedis. Many of the facilities and treatments can also be found at the wellness centre in Gråsten, which, though smaller, still spans 1,900 square metres.

Frankly, if you are not fully relaxed and full of new experiences at the end of your stay, then you may have no one but yourself to blame.

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