EOE Eyewear is a Swedish eyewear brand that has decided to do things differently. Its stylish glasses and sunglasses are crafted hand in hand with nature, employing a pioneering approach to recycled materials designed to last.

EOE Eyewear was founded in the north of Sweden by Emilia and Erik Lindmark after they noticed a gap in the market for independent brands with exciting designs and a strong sustainability approach. Thanks to their own relationship with nature, incorporating a strong regard for their environment is essential to the couple’s approach to their products. ”We’ve both grown up surrounded by the majestic nature of the north and simultaneously been acutely aware of the impact climate change has on our seasons, and that created an urge to make a difference through our products,” Emilia Lindmark, CEO and co-founder, says. “Everything we make is created in tune with our surroundings, and EOE Eyewear is the result of our unique perception of what a business and eyewear can be.”

EOE Eyewear: Sustainable specs for a brighter future

Design eyewear made hand in hand with nature.

The frames of EOE Eyewear contain details collected in nature; moss, pine-needle, pieces of birch, stones, and reindeer horn (that regenerate and fall off naturally every year) – pieces emblematic of the mountainous and vast landscape of the north. In addition to using eco-friendly acetate, the company has also created an entirely new and unique process for creating new material from recycled frames: Regrind™. ”We started developing this material to close the loop and to pioneer this industry when we couldn’t find an adequate alternative for truly sustainable eyewear. This patented process means that we bring in old, disposed eyewear, sort out and dismantle them, then regrind™ the old material to make new recycled acetate sheets in our facilities that then can be used to make new glasses. Rather than keeping the technique to ourselves, we’ve decided to share it with everyone in our industry and we’ve seen some incredible responses so far. Prominent global fashion brands are already using it for their own products,” says Lindmark.

EOE Eyewear: Sustainable specs for a brighter future

Going forward, the founder’s plan for their business is sustainable growth and a long-term perspective, with quality and good design remaining paramount throughout every decision. The philosophy has remained simple from the beginning and continues to be a permanent part of their journey: eyewear crafted with purpose, in tune with the infinite beauty of nature.

EOE Eyewear: Sustainable specs for a brighter future

Web: www.eoe-eyewear.com
Instagram: @eoeeyewear
Facebook: EOE Eyewear

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