Famous for its beautiful landscapes, Norway has long been the destination for travellers looking for adventure and fun, as well as those seeking serenity in their surroundings. Over the years, more and more people have begun to flock to the country’s many vibrant cities and beautiful nature scenes. If experiencing the Norwegian land is also on your bucket list and you are keen to get away from the crowds, the spacious and friendly small town of Surnadal may be the place to check out.

Located in the northernmost part of Western Norway, Surnadal has the benefit of being a short distance from larger cities like Trondheim, Kristiansund, and Molde while still embodying the charm of a hidden countryside treasure.

“While we only have a population of almost 6000 people, Surnadal offers a great many things to do,” says Karin Helen Halle, the Societal Head of Municipal Affairs in Surnadal. “With short travel from mountains to fjords and a plethora of activities, it’s a wonderful place to visit all year round.”

Whether you’re a beginner hiker, a professional mountain climber, or just need to exchange the hustle and bustle of the cities for some peace and quiet, Surnadal has something for you.

Explore Surnadal – Thrilling peaks, tranquil trails, and a vibrant summer of culture

Viking road. Photo: Anne Lise With Vullum

Discovering nature’s beauty

Stretching along Surnadal and Rindal in the North, Rennebu, Orkland, and Dovrebanen in the East, Oppdal and Sunndal in the south, and fjords in the west, Trollheimen is known to avid hikers as a true gem among Norwegian mountain areas.

Over millions of years, the glaciers have decorated the landscape in Trollheimen with u-shaped valleys in the east and v-shaped valleys in the west, as well as large mountains of all shapes. It is said to be the first area to be free of ice after the last ice age.

“Trollheimen is an amazing terrain for mountain climbers or those who are looking for a hiking challenge. In the winter, it also makes for the most thrilling alpine scenery,” says Halle.

Explore Surnadal – Thrilling peaks, tranquil trails, and a vibrant summer of culture

Photo: Oda Halle/visitnorthwest.no

However, you shouldn’t be intimidated by Trollheimen’s grandeur! The mountainous area has a long tradition of hiking, so even if you’re just looking for an easy walk, you can be assured that there are well-marked trails of all levels. There are also various options for overnight stays and dining.

“Surnadal makes a perfect recreational location for the whole family. You can hike, bike, go swimming in clean fjords, or try salmon fishing in Surna, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, or just hang out with the locals,” says Halle.

She explains that, unlike the more famous Norwegian tourist spots, Surnadal has not had the same amount of international tourism, meaning you can enjoy the panorama views and sights without paying a ticket, standing in line or jamming up with the crowds.

“The vast surrounding untouched nature offers a completely unique outdoor experience and true escape, she adds. “Whether you want to stay in a hotel, or you’d prefer to camp or rent a cabin in the wild, there are plenty of options for accommodation.”

Summer visitors can also take part in other popular outdoor activities such as golfing, motocross, and frisbee golf. In the wintertime, the mountains are full of skiing trails and thrilling adventures on the slopes.

Explore Surnadal – Thrilling peaks, tranquil trails, and a vibrant summer of culture

Sizzle under the sun and dip your toes in the water at Nordmøres whitest beach, Kalstranda. Photo: Lediard Foto AS

A summer full of culture

Beyond its natural wonders and magical sights, Surnadal’s quaint villages and rich cultural heritage have a lot to offer: You can take a stroll through the old village of Surnadalsøra, known for its artistic community and many exhibitions, or enjoy a picnic in the beautiful Svinvik arboretum. Visit the museum at Åsen and walk along the Kavlvegen timber trackway, a handmade copy of a local archaeological finding, dated in the 1160s.

“Surnadal boasts a rich cultural life, and this summer is no different. We’ve got many things planned for the locals and visitors, including three cultural festivals,” says Halle.

Initiated in 1995, Vårsøghelga (May 23. – 26) is a well-known, annual Norwegian culture festival in Surnadal, also the home of the author Hans Hyldbakk and composer and artistic director Henning Sommerro, the creators of the song Vårsøg known as Norway’s “second national anthem”. The festival features high-quality performances featuring Henning Sommerro, Bugge Wesseltoft, TrondheimSolistene, Bjarne Brøndbo, the Young Suffering ensemble, local musicians, art exhibits and much more.



Another festival, Midstommar i Surnadal (June 20 – 30), offers 10 days of festivities arranged by local youth and local businesses. It is set to include activities and entertainment for children and adults, making this summer week a great social and cultural happening to remember and hopefully revisit!

“And for those who are looking for something a little different, Stangviksfestivalen (July 24 – 28) is another great music and art festival. In previous years, it has featured string quartets, joik and traditional music from other cultures, as well as some of Norway’s greatest opera talents.”

Hungry for more after arts and culture? The area’s local cafés and restaurants offer a range of great cuisine, including local gourmet dishes at Svinvik Gard. This restaurant is located by the fjord in a century-old barn, famous for offering a season-based taste of local produce, hand-picked ingredients, and fish from local waters.

Ready for a genuine break away from the big crowd? Try Surnadal.


Surnadal_7_Trollheimen hammock_Photo Oda Hallevisitnorthwest.noe

Photo: Oda Halle/visitnorthwest.no


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