Falsterbo Photo Art Museum has a fantastic treat in store this summer. On 14 June, the museum opens two parallel exhibitions with photos by world-famous fashion photographers Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts. Make sure not to miss this!

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer, often seen as one of the most prominent of all time. “Avedon was one of the first to photograph fashion models outside the studio in everyday settings, in cafés or on the street, which had never been seen before,” says Claes Lindquist, co-founder of the museum. “In the 60s, he also started capturing movements in still pictures, with models such as Twiggy, and became a trendsetter in the field.”

The Avedon exhibition at Falsterbo Photo Art Museum will focus on fashion and colour. “We will show at least 50 photos including a number of colour photos not previously shown in the Nordic countries,” confirms Lindquist. “In the world of photography, Avedon has the status of someone like Picasso, so this is set to be an extraordinary display!”

Herb Ritts was also an American fashion photographer and director, known for his photos of models, musicians and celebrities in the 80s and 90s. He shot to fame thanks to photos of his friend Richard Gere, then an aspiring actor, and later photographed stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, often outdoors and in black and white. Ritts is also known for his fashion and nude photos from the supermodel era, with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford to name a few.

This exhibition will show around 50 photos, including the famous one of Richard Gere that kicked off his career, as well as fashion photography and male bodies. “Ritts was openly gay and fascinated with the male body, but his photos were always elegant, more like statues,” says Lindquist. “We will also have eight large-scale photographs in colour shot at the Ice Hotel for Absolut Vodka, which is set to cause a stir. Nothing in the images has been fabricated in Photoshop, it was as freezing cold as you can imagine!”

In addition to the temporary displays, Falsterbo Photo Art Museum has a fantastic permanent exhibition with iconic photographs from its collections.

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum: Cutting-edge fashion photography in Falsterbo

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum will also show photos by American fashion photographer and director Herb Ritts.

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