Falsterbo Photo Art Museum is an exciting new destination in Skåne. Pay a visit for an outstanding cultural experience in photo art, with a unique collection of original works by some of the greatest photographers of our time.

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum opened in 2021, dedicated to showcasing the private photo collection of Claes and Christina Lindquist. The Malmö based couple has collected photo art for over 15 years and their rare collection forms the basis for the museum’s exhibitions. It encompasses more than 550 original images, mostly fashion photography but also portraits, as well as contemporary art and documentary photography.

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum: World-class photography in Falsterbo

Vee Speers photographs at Falsterbo Photo Art Museum.

The unusual collection includes for instance Richard Avedon’s elegant photographs in motion, Herb Ritt’s fashion shots, Peter Lindbergh’s stripped-down images, Irving Penn’s perfectionistic studio photographs, Patrick Demarchelier’s flattering portraits, and David LaChapelle’s strong, powerful and colourful oeuvre. Not to mention Steven Meisel’s perfect fashion sets and the dark imagery of Steven Klein.

“Visitors are surprised by the size of the collection and the museum itself,” says Claes Lindquist. “And they often comment on the international calibre, claiming that the collection might as well have been shown at renowned galleries or museums in London, Paris or New York.”

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum: World-class photography in Falsterbo

Dressed and undressed for success

The premiere exhibition Dressed for Success – 100 Years of Fashion Photography inaugurated the museum in May 2021, with more than 140 exclusive works by photographers such as Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Chen Man and Ellen von Umwerth. In the show, visitors could follow the evolution of fashion photography, with the most iconic images in their original versions. One well-known example is ‘Kate Moss Descending’ by Mike Figgis.

In April 2022, the museum opened its second major exhibition, Undressed for success? Nude and Famous with 140 stunning images of celebrities by the world’s top photographers including Anton Corbijn, Chris Levine, David LaChapelle and Robert Mapplethorpe. It showed celebrities such as Lady Gaga, The Beatles and Richard Gere in playful and candid snapshots – like David Bowie and Kate Moss in a mischievous pose, as captured by fashion photographer Ellen Von Umwerth in New York in 2003.

Importantly, Lindquist stresses that most images are numbered and all are signed by the photographers. “The images have been developed by the photographers themselves, meaning there are no mass-printed unsigned copies,” he explains. “Most are rare vintage prints, signed and in limited edition, which makes the collection quite unusual.”

Helmut Newton, the provocateur

This year, the museum presents its third major exhibition Helmut Newton – the Provocateur until 7 January 2024, with more than 100 numbered and signed original images, most from the collection of Christina and Claes Lindquist, some borrowed from elsewhere and rarely shown.

Helmut Newton has been called the greatest fashion photographer of all time, a major influence on modern photography and visual art. The iconic photographer is also one of the most provocative with glamorous and sometimes controversial depictions of strong, independent and naked women. The norm-breaking images, almost always in black and white, feature famous models and actors such as Catherine Deneuve and Isabella Rossellini.

“Newton is a real star in photography and it’s quite unusual with an exhibition of his original images,” says Lindquist. Like Norman Parkinson, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn, Newton became one of the most influential and talented photographers shooting for Vogue. His biggest supporter and promoter was his wife June, who established her own career as a photographer under the pseudonym April Springs.

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum: World-class photography in Falsterbo

Left: Helmut Newton. Photo: Curtesy Helmut Newton Foundation. Right: Helmut Newton 1975, Woman Examining Man. Photo: Curtesy Helmut Newton Foundation

Vee Speers photos in the outdoors

The museum shows Swedish photographers as well as internationally renowned names. Usually, one main exhibition plus a few smaller ones run simultaneously, alongside the permanent collection of the couple’s treasures. Together with Vellinge municipality and UpOnWalls, Falsterbo Photo Art Museum is also showing the outdoor exhibition Growing Up until 31 August, with large photos by Vee Speers, who is well-known for images such as ‘The Birthday Party’.

Located in a spectacular building by the sea, Falsterbo Photo Art Museum is a destination in its own right. The museum organizes guided tours, where you can listen to the stories behind the images and the motifs. The high-end restaurant Bistro Perspektiv is open to museum visitors and others who want to pop by for a nice meal. And there is shop where you can buy photography books, posters, postcards, interior and accessories. All in all, a great spot for a day out.

Falsterbo Photo Art Museum: World-class photography in Falsterbo

Claes & Christina Lindquist. Photo: ©KarinOddner

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