The island of Fanø is home to what many consider to be the best cold-smoked salmon in Denmark. Quite a claim, but undisputed as this family-run business continues to earn accolades across the country, picking up awards and rave reviews – and their loyal customers clearly agree, too.

Fanø Laks (meaning salmon from Fanø) started as a retirement dream for Henning Rasmussen, who could not find smoked salmon as tasty as he believed it could be, so decided to make his own.

Henning built two stone ovens in his back garden and began curing and cold-smoking handpicked salmon. The family-owned and run business has gone from strength to strength, with the two ovens turning into ten. “Everyone who works here is a part of the family,” says Anne Müller Rasmussen, Henning’s daughter, co-owner and sales manager. It’s clear that commitment and passion are important to Fanø Laks, both in the process and the products. This is not a nine-to-five job. Everyone in the company is devoted to what they create and so is the ever-expanding base of happy customers, who have been there every step of the way over the past 15 successful years.

Fanø Laks: Superlative smoked salmon

Henning Rasmussen in front of one of his ovens.

Smoked salmon that is ‘just so’

“When Fanø Laks was three years old we won the Børsen Food Award,” explains Anne, with evident pride in her voice. Little wonder, as Børsen’s food editor Ole Troelsø described their salmon as “unbelievably delicious, a perfect balance of flavours and entirely unique”.

As a result, the business grew – expanding almost overnight. “My dad called me and told me that I needed to come home and join the company,” Anne laughs. From then on, the company continued the upward trajectory, regularly winning prizes and awards for their outstanding salmon. They recently scored six out of six stars in a blind tasting published in Denmark’s Berlingske Tidende newspaper, which speaks volumes about the quality of their product.

Every piece of salmon is cut, salted, smoked and hung by hand. No machines are involved and at every stage they check the quality of the meat, the texture, colour and flavour, always allowing time until it is ‘just so’. “Dad always knows when a piece of salmon is ready,” Anne says. This dedication to a labour of love is what ensures the incredible quality of this very special Fanø delicacy.

Fanø Laks: Superlative smoked salmon

All is done by hand.

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