Are you up for a unique culinary experience that mixes up Japanese and Nordic culture in a dynamic environment? Then Fat Cat Brasserie, a Japanese restaurant with Scandinavian influences, might just be the right place for you.

When you open the door of the Fat Cat Brasserie, you leave the tidy streets of Sweden’s capital city behind to find the lights, colours and design of Japan. Be prepared to enjoy a special food experience, akin to a walk with various stops. Let’s start from here: at the first stop is the bar, where you can order different types of sake, Japanese whiskey or international cocktails, accompanied by small dishes of Japanese cuisine such as okonomiyaki and tempura.

Fat Cat Brasserie: A taste of Asia in the heart of Stockholm

The Hamachi served at Fat Cat Brasserie. Photo: Fabian Chamorro

Then, on to the restaurant through a passage – or rather, a food street reminiscent of the back alleys of Tokyo. Here, you can choose from a variety of dishes where sashimi and wagyu are the specialties. Or, if you want a surprise, let the chef choose for you, according to the ‘omakase’ (a Japanese word meaning ‘I leave it up to you’) approach to dining.

Overall, the brasserie offers a varied menu, consisting mostly of meat and fish-based courses, where the idea of a traditional Asian brasserie meets modern Japanese cuisine – with a touch of the Scandinavian mood.

Fat Cat Brasserie: A taste of Asia in the heart of Stockholm

The chocolate dessert served at Fat Cat Brasserie.

But the most peculiar aspect of this place is its social attitude. “You come here with your family and friends because you are interested in sharing the food and the experience. Or, maybe, you’re up for a chatty dinner, and want to socialise with your table neighbours,” says the manager of the Fat Cat Brasserie, Christoffer Backman. To further illustrate the atmosphere of the restaurant, he continues: “We want people to interact over dinner, as is the norm in Asian culture, more so than here in the Nordics.”

This is the philosophy at the restaurant’s heart. If you are looking for a lively place to share a tasty meal in a relaxed environment, the Fat Cat Brasserie is waiting for you. Here, a unique food experience is transformed into an exciting moment to share with others.

Fat Cat Brasserie: A taste of Asia in the heart of Stockholm

The brasserie interior.

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