Walking through the doors of Florentine at Medborgarplatsen doesn’t only take you away from the streets of Stockholm – it takes you on a journey to 1970s Italy, where glamour, finesse, and elegance embrace all your senses.

Upon arrival, you are met by an enormous 360-degree cocktail bar featuring over a thousand bottles of spirits – a display highlighted by vibrant colours, extravagant decorations, and a disco ball that makes the room sparkle. “We want our restaurant to feel like a movie from the ‘70s, where we get the honour to be the directors,” says Brazer Bozlak, CEO of Florentine.

Florentine: Glamour, elegance, and ‘70s disco at Stockholm’s newest Italian trattoria

A feeling of escapism

Florentine opened on April 20 2023, and has since become one of the most talked-about restaurants in the Swedish capital. “The response has been incredible,” says Bozlak with a smile. “We have been told that it has one of the most coherent concepts in the city. That is exactly what we wanted to achieve – a unique restaurant experience with a feeling of escapism.”

There’s no doubt they’ve succeeded: from the unique interior design, with items handpicked in vintage shops throughout Italy, to its mouth-watering food menu and impressive wine list, Florentine takes you on a memorable journey through the land of pasta.

Bozlak explains further, “we have taken inspiration from trattorias in Rome, small kitchens on the Italian Riviera, and the glamourous bars of Milano. Every dish on our menu has been chosen to star in our movie, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

“If I were to suggest a dish or two, I’d recommend the Pasta Carbonara which we toss Pecorino cheese into at our guests’ table. Additionally, you should try our famous Lavamisu – our take on the great Italian dessert,” says Bozlak.

Come and join this homage to disco culture

Bozlak describes Florentine as a modern trattoria, where large groups can dine together like a big Italian family, but where there’s room for smaller gatherings or just a visit to the cocktail bar, too.

“It doesn’t matter the occasion, we just want you to explore Italy and the disco culture that boomed in the ‘70s – whether it’s for an immersive bar experience or a three-course meal,” finishes Bozlak.

Florentine: Glamour, elegance, and ‘70s disco at Stockholm’s newest Italian trattoria

Web: www.florentine.se
Instagram: @Florentine_urbantrattoria
Facebook: Florentine – Stockholm

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