Norway is known for its beautiful nature, and Indre Fosen in Trøndelag has a little bit of everything Norway has to offer. It has a long coast and high mountains, and the city of Trondheim is only around an hour’s ferry ride away.

Hjellup Fjordbo has a long history. It is a farm with roots going back to the 1500s. In 1998, Ola Hjellup inherited it, and today he runs it with his wife Marit Hjellup. They love life on the farm, and decided to expand into hospitality.

Hjellup Fjordbo: From goats to kayaking, Hjellup Fjorbo has it all

The view from inside the arctic dome.

Experiences and activities

It is still a working farm with cattle and Boer goats, much to the glee of guests. Boer goats are larger than other breeds, but don’t be fooled by their size; they are very friendly and love company of all ages.

Thanks to its coastal location, water activities abound here. The mountains look beautiful from a kayak or a paddle board, but can also be explored on foot with a picnic. There is also a beach at which to sunbathe and take a refreshing dip in the fjord. If the fjord is a bit too cold, the jacuzzi is a warm alternative. For the younger guests, there is a playground with a trampoline, swing and a zipline.

Meanwhile, the arctic dome is an experience in itself. Its location gives guests the feeling of being on the edge of the cliff. Under the clear dome, guests can enjoy the long summer nights, lie in bed and gaze up at the stars. There is no need to worry about others looking in, it is very private.

Hjellup Fjordbo: From goats to kayaking, Hjellup Fjorbo has it all

Marit and Ola Hjellup.

Powered by sustainable energy

Hjellup Fjordbo’s guests come to experience nature, so taking care of the environment is a top priority. As such, the farm is powered via geothermal energy and solar panels. “During the summer we are self-sufficient with electricity from solar panels,” says Hjellup. “We also have power charging stations for electric cars.”

Hjellup Fjordbo: From goats to kayaking, Hjellup Fjorbo has it all

After a day filled with exciting activities, a good meal rounds it all off. The farm serves local food, not just because it is sustainable, but because of the high quality. Hjellup Fjordbo’s prime location and superior hospitality keep guests coming back. “They feel so welcome in Fosen,” Hjellup says. “The shoulders relax and one experiences calm via all the senses through the sounds of nature, the proximity to the fjord and the beautiful light that changes with the season, weather conditions and time of day.”

Hjellup Fjordbo: From goats to kayaking, Hjellup Fjorbo has it all

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