What is the biggest difference between living in Sweden and Britain?
Everyone with experience will have a different answer, but I say: how we consume yoghurt.

When I was younger and my friends and I would stumble out of bed after an alcohol-fuelled night, they would gasp for a cooked breakfast. I could never go for a greasy start to my hangover. For me, that came later. I would have to begin with yoghurt and muesli.

I grew up in a family of yoghurt-eaters and therefore consider myself an authority on the subject. It was yoghurt and muesli every morning. You pour a generous amount of yoghurt into the bowl and sprinkle it with muesli, seeds, fruit, whatever you fancy.

In Britain, some deranged person decided that the best way to eat yoghurt was to start with the cereal and then add yoghurt on top. This is devilry of the darkest kind.

Instead of naturally scooping up a spoonful of yoghurt with layers of toppings, you dig down into the unknown, the unseen. Each spoonful is unmeasured, upside down and completely out of control.

It bothers me that my children are growing up eating yoghurt in this absurd way. I try to implement my rules, the right rules, but they fall on deaf ears. I stand alone in my righteousness. And don’t get me started on the tubs: the flimsy, not-good-enough-for-leftovers, can-we-even-recycle-them? tubs.

When I think of a serious Swedish yoghurt session, I think of how the Tetra Pak feels in my hand, the way the silky yoghurt flows into an empty bowl, and how a finished pack is cleaned, dried and recycled easily. Heaven.

Do the right thing, Britain. Mend your ways.

Gabi Froden

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