Galleri kbh kunst is an art gallery in the heart of Copenhagen featuring both professional and up-and-coming artists. Here, you can experience contemporary and colourful art by artists across the globe. Each artist presents a unique style, ranging from modern paintings to street art that will broaden your horizons.

If you love discovering up-and-coming artists that have a fresh, new outlook on the world, Galleri kbh kunst is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in Copenhagen. Situated in the heart of the city, right by The Lakes, the gallery is perfectly located for both tourists and locals, and showcases an exciting array of both national and international artists.

“We are always on the lookout for talented artists. We choose the art we display based on our liking, not based on CVs or education. This means that we feature a mix of different artists, all with their own unique takes on the world and on art,” says Helle Borre, owner of Galleri kbh kunst. “While each artist has their own unique voice, they all love using colours when creating art, and they make contemporary art with a young, fresh vibe.”

Galleri Kbh Kunst: Dive into a world of colours and art

Ceramics by Torben Mersholm,

Choose art with the heart

At the art gallery, you’ll find a wide palette of art, ranging from cool street art to modern paintings. You’ll also find wooden sculptures, ceramics, textile art, glass art and much more. “I personally think it’s much more interesting with many different materials and art styles, instead of just one. At Galleri kbh kunst, you’ll see art that you won’t see elsewhere. This also creates a very down-to-earth atmosphere at the gallery where everyone feels welcome. In fact, we have many first-time art buyers at the gallery, because they feel comfortable here,” says Borre.

The 180-square-metre art gallery is the perfect place for exploring and broadening your horizons. With 35 artists on display and a handful of exhibitions each year, there is always something new to discover. “When you buy art, whether it is for your home or for work, you can’t do it wrong; you just have to listen to your intuition. That’s exactly what I do when I choose art for the gallery as well; I choose art with my heart,” says Borre.

Galleri Kbh Kunst: Dive into a world of colours and art

Wooden sculpture by Rebekka Borum.

Exhibitions 2022:

14 May to 30 June: Summer group show
2-24 September: Double solo exhibition, Tina Hvid / Dino Cama

Facebook: KBH.KUNST
Instagram: @kbh_kunst

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