“How would I make the most of a visit to Odsherred?” ponders Helle Nordgaard. She’s the project leader at UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred – and knows the 365-square-kilometre region like the back of her hand.

“I’d definitely walk Højderygstien,” says Nordgaard. The seven-kilometre walking route takes hikers out over the Vejrhøj Arch, one of three Odsherred Arches – geological formations generated by the previous Ice Age 17,000 years ago. “The walk has panoramic views over the Sejerø Bay and the whole of the Lammefjord,” she adds. Despite the name, the fjord is dry land – a drained former-seabed whose sandy soils have become lush, reclaimed farmland.

“Next, I’d climb up Vejrhøj peak, Geopark Odsherred’s highest point,” continues Nordgaard. The route to the top snakes through varied terrain, before rising steeply to 121 metres above sea-level, where you’ll find more stunning views of the region’s 160-kilometre-long coastline.

Geopark Odsherred: Stunning landscape, Bronze-Age history and Michelin-star dining

Photo: Geopark Odsherred/ Solvognens Fundsted

Bronze-Age treasures

But don’t forget to look down: the Ridge Path is dotted with Bronze-Age burial sites, and Verhøj itself is a burial mound. “There are around 1,000 sites in Odsherred; that we know of!” says Norgaard. In fact, Geopark Odsherred is also the site of one of the most important Bronze-Age archaeological finds in Europe – The Sun Chariot.

Today, The Sun Chariot (Solvognen, in Danish), which depicts a divine horse drawing the sun across the heavens, lives at The National Museum. But Geopark Odsherred’s new attraction, Solvognens Fundsted (The Sun Chariot Site), brings the hallowed ground to life again.

“The 30-minute round-trip leads through a large, ornately-carved gate, along a beautiful path and on to a land-art installation that mimics the discovery of The Sun Chariot,” says Nordgaard. “You can listen to our accompanying historical podcast while you walk and, further on, you’ll find the original excavation site.”

Dine out in style

Aside from its history, Odsherred is famous for organic agriculture, seaweed farms and offers a wealth of fantastic cuisine. “There are two highly acclaimed wineries in the area. Slotskøkkenet, at Dragsholm Slot, has a Michelin star. Nearby restaurant, MOTA, is on its way to a star, and Det Vilde Køkken does an incredible brunch with foraged herbs on the weekend,” says Nordgaard.

In July, Geopark Odsherred will host live music, talks and culinary showcases at Summer Bloom Festival. There’s plenty more to discover, too, from Tour De France cycling stages, to heritage Dexter cattle breeds no bigger than a labrador. “There’s so much to see,” confirms Nordgaard. “It’s a totally unique region.”

Geopark Odsherred: Stunning landscape, Bronze-Age history and Michelin-star dining

Experience the Michelin-star cuisine at Geopark’s new restaurant. Photo: Restaurant MOTA

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